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What do you think when you have a spirit or a disembodied entity in a dream?  Do you assume it’s real?  Do you get scared or stand in awe?  The following interview allowed this lady to take the promise of such a dream, make it her own, and put it to use to move others and help make a real improvement in her community.   You can do the same!

What are fundamental life issues that you are dealing with now in your life?


Being open to being successful with money,

being committed to a healthy loving relationship,

creating the right place to work.



Tell me a dream you remember.  It can be an old one, a repetitive dream, a nightmare, or one that you’re sure you understand.


I am in this house in what looks like a dining room. I say this because there was a long six foot table, no chairs though. I was putting a table cloth on the table when something pulled the table cloth out of my hands. I pulled the table cloth back from the energy that yanked it from me and then saw a 12×12 glowing square with what looked like some energy was coming through. I leaned forward over the table hanging onto the table cloth and asked the spirit to show itself..I told them, “Well you’re half way there! Go ahead and show yourself to me!” Nothing happened and other people began coming into the house and I remember telling them there was a spirit in the dining room.


Why do you think that you had this dream?


I really am not sure except that evidently the other 90% of my brain knows there is something that I need to know.

These are the characters in the dream…


the dining room


the table

the table cloth

the 12×12 box

the people who came in


If one character had something especially important to tell you, what would it be?


Well since the 12×12 box that seems to have a being in it kept trying to stop me from covering up the table, I think I want to interview the table to see what it represents to me. Since I keep trying to cover it up.


Table, would you please tell me about yourself and what you are doing?


I am a beautiful dark solid wood table with strong legs and I am in the dining area.


What do you like most about yourself?


That I am glossy and smooth to the touch

What are your strengths?


I am strong and well built, I am very useful and will last for many generations of families to eat off of me.


What do you dislike most about yourself?


Absolutely nothing

Do you have weaknesses?  What are they?

Well, in this dream there don’t seem to be any chairs, as if I am not inviting anyone to sit down and use me.


You are in Angel’s life experience, correct? Yes. She created you, right? Yes. What aspect of Angel do you represent or most closely personify?


I am the essence of her, that part of her that thinks on her feet and gets things done.


If you could be anywhere you wanted to be and take any form you desired, would you change? If so, how?


Yes, I think I would want to be able to move, I feel stifled as a table.I would like to be able to fly, to do and go where I see the need is, whether it be in the vast ocean or up in the sky…or a mist that floats and sets on everything it touches, offering hope and love to all.  Yes,  I think a nice moist mist is what I would like to be where no one can put a cover over me or stifle me….stop me from doing what I know I can do.

How would you score yourself 0-10, in each of the following six qualities:  confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing?  Why?

Confidence: 10…because I know what I can do

Compassion: 10…because I care about life and all that live it

Wisdom: 10…because I am able to remember information from past lives lived

Acceptance: 10…because I love myself and therefore I love all and accept them as they are

Inner Peace: 10…because I know who I am

Witnessing: 10…because I do not react

How would Angel’s life be different if she naturally scored like you do in all six of these qualities all the time?

She would be the mist and life would flow the way she truly wants it to flow..

If you could live Angel’s life for her, how would you live it differently?

I would be the mist, I would put my attention on the things she desires, knowing that as she walks through her life doing what is best for her she will help others.

If you could live Angel’s waking life for her today, would you handle Angel’s life issues differently?  If so, how?

Again, be the mist…..move through her life with her abilities helping herself and as she does this her desires will become a reality and people will feel the mist and want the mist in their lives, she will feel refreshing to them, not heavy as the table is and can be too burdensome for people.

What life issues would you focus on if you were in charge of Angel’s life?

I would only focus on being the mist….

In what life situations would it be most beneficial for Angel to imagine that she is you and act as you would?

When she feels stuck or stifled….

Why do you think that you are in Angel’s life?

To help her at this time know how to use her gifts in a way that is more acceptable by those she is hoping to awaken and help

How is Angel most likely to ignore what you are saying to her?

By falling back into old patterns

Angel, what have you heard yourself say?

That the very gifts I have that so many people see and desire can become burdensome for them as a table and that I need to lighten up and see myself as a light mist floating around them

If this experience were a wake-up call from your soul, what do you think it would be saying to you?

🙂 Lighten Up!!!!

Mist, thank you for being part of Angel or – perhaps I should say, thank you for helping Angel to wake up and realize that she is a part of YOU!

Thank you, we worked well together last night and it demonstrated to Angel how much more powerful the energy is when it becomes a mist…we were told we shifted the energy of the room with our voice…

Mist, from your perspective, why do you think that Angel had this dream?


Because so many see in her the ability to persuade in a positive way the energy to move things that will benefit not only her but so many in this town that called to her. At the table, too many (specifically men), were unable to handle the strong sturdiness of the table. Last night we proved the mist is so much more refreshing and welcoming…

Mist, what part of Angel do you think the tablecloth represents?

The part of her that was frustrated at so many wanting her abilities that she wanted to cover this ability up so people would leave her alone…

Mist, does the box contain a spirit?


Yes, angels are all around her…and many others…they told her in her dream that she would paint them and she has…they have always guided her when she listens…

Mist, what’s your take on this spirit?  Angel’s curious about it and would like to know more about it.  Do you?


Yes, there is actually a pod of angels and those who have crossed but do not want to leave her…they love her and want to help make her life better…

Mist, what part of Angel do you think that spirit is most like?


Angel has a loving energy that people feel the minute they are near her…the spirit is like this energy


Mist, do you like/dislike the box or do you not care?


If not for the box and the spirit within, Angel would not have remembered the dream…I like the box very much

Mist, if Angel had this dream to dream over again, how would you dream it?


I would not change a thing

Thanks, Mist!


You are welcome

What I have heard myself say is that in being the mist life flows easily for me and all that is desired will flow naturally and the struggle I feel with the table will be gone. That I have angels that watch over me and guide me when I allow them to…

Is this what you thought the dream would be about?  Is there anything in this message that surprised you or affected your mood or how you think about yourself and your life?


I had no idea this would be what the dream was about. After taking your class for three years I knew the table was a very important part of the dream because there was a struggle between me and this energy as to whether I covered the table or not. As the table was answering an “aha” went on in the 10% of my brain that I am normally aware of and again I was reminded how powerful interviewing our dreams are.

My mood became lighter as the table shifted to become the mist and it has remained so. I do not like being something I am not and covering up that part of myself. Hiding it was not really the answer, so I was very happy to be the mist. I moved into that role very easily last night at a Planning Commission meeting.  When I went to speak at the microphone, being the mist allowed me to speak from my heart rather than my head. I was told later by several in the room that when I spoke with what I said they could actually feel the energy of the room lighten. They said we could feel you were speaking from your heart and the planning commission made the decision we wanted. 🙂

Notice that this dreamer not only discovered an understanding of her dream that both made sense to her and satisfied her, but had a transformational experience as a result which she was able to use in a practical way to improve her life and the lives of others.  The more that we practice integral deep listening to ourselves the more we wake up to who we truly are.  The more we get out of our own way.  The more we discover an ability to be in the right place at the right time to say and do those things that will awaken the highest in both others and ourselves.

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