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You will only benefit from IDL dream yoga if you find yourself stuck and want to get unstuck, if you have habits and addictions that block your happiness and that you want to change, or if you find yourself knowing too much about spiritual development and accomplishing too little. Integral Deep Listening dream yoga is much more than psychotherapy or coaching but includes elements of both. It is the creation of an accountability structure for the ongoing healing, balancing, and transformation of your life. You will develop new habits of feeling, thought, and daily routine that will slowly but steadily crowd out the destructive habits that have blinded you to your inner compass and kept you from becoming who you were meant to be. IDL training involves emailing, and weekly Skype support sessions and is best treated as blocks of six weekly sessions that you sign up for, one after the other.

This training also involves directing you in the establishment of an integral life practice and supervising it with a process called triangulation. It involves teaching you to conduct IDL interviews for yourself and for others and defining and following the recommendations that arise. It involves supervising your work with others, work which is essential to your integration of what you will learn. It involves reading and processing what you have learned. It also involves the learning and supervision of a particular approach to meditation that is designed to integrate transpersonal awareness into your waking, everyday consciousness. A “session” involves not only a weekly Skype interview but also ongoing email communication that includes accountability and support elements. While the first session is free, single sessions do not represent either enough time or commitment to learn to deeply listen to yourself, to change deeply ingrained old habit patterns, or address the life-long work of experiencing, grounding, and manifesting your potentials. Nor is it sufficient to give this work away. You make money to buy the things that are your priorities. How you spend your money discloses your priorities. If you wish to make enlightenment a priority you must make a priority of spending money on those things that disclose and awaken enlightenment. That’s what money is for: to support those things that bring light to your heart, your life, and to the world. At some point all of us need to settle down and commit to a path with a structure. The six weekly sessions represent a reasonable test to discover if IDL provides those things for you, and the charge of US $600.00 represents something like a house payment, only you are building the blueprint and laying the foundations of your spiritual home, something no one can ever take away from you. As you experience the many improvements in your life that IDL dream yoga will make, you need to commit to continuing to build that spiritual home and inhabit it.  In time, with your patience and persistence, it will become a palace that transforms both its appearance and location regularly. IDL builds your spiritual home. It does not impose some other blueprint or structure on you, other than general principles that have stood the test of time. These say that you need to learn to listen to yourself and show that you do so by applying what you have heard that makes sense in your daily life. In addition, you will learn an easy, fun, effective and profound daily practice of meditation that it will amplify your growth process, whether you are a beginner or experienced meditator. IDL is not about a particular ism or following a particular teacher. Because the principles of IDL are innate and organic, it is about providing a structure that allows you to find and follow your own path to greater fruition, the way a climbing rose uses a trellis to first climb and then bloom. Contact us at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com to set up your complementary interview today. You will get in touch with one or more parts of yourself that deserve your respect. Together with them, you will know if committing to this yoga is for you. As Gandhi said, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. .

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