Interviewing Formats

Antique ManThe Practice of Integral Deep Listening

Integral Deep Listening is a form of Dream Yoga.

IDL interviewing consists of two major integral life practices: interviewing and application.

Interviewing Formats

There are four categories of interview subjects:

Dream Characters

Life Issues

Waking People, Events, and Objects

Physical Symptoms

There are two different types of interviewing formats:

IDL Interviewing Instructions

Dream Sociometry


        Interviewing Life Issues

        Life Issue Interviewing Protocol

        Some IDL interviewing guidelines

        Interviewing Physical Symptoms

        Physical Symptom Interviewing Protocol

Interviewing People, Events, and Objects

        Person or a Waking Event Interviewing Protocol

        Near Death Experience Interviewing Protocol

        Interviewing Formats for Children

        Child’s Life Issue Interviewing Protocol

Application puts the recommendations of your interviewed self-aspects to the test in any and every area of your waking life. YOU decide what works, how fast and how far you want to grow.

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