What is an Integral Dream Yoga?



Dream Yogas are traditionally designed to teach lucid dreaming.

An integral dream yoga teaches waking up, or becoming lucid, while dreaming, awake, and deeply asleep.

Integral Deep Listening is a dream yoga that emphasizes lucid living, or waking up during waking life, because it is the level or stage of development of waking consciousness which is carried into dreaming as the perceiver.

Integral Deep Listening is a an integral dream yoga in ways that will be familiar to those acquainted with Ken Wilber’s integral psychology and spirituality. It respects and attempts to align with Wilber’s AQAL model: all stages, states, quadrants, lines, and styles and also recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining an integral life practice.

There are important differences between Wilber’s AQAL and Integral Deep Listening. These include:

– Interviewed dream characters and the interviewed personifications of life issues are not considered to be self-aspects, but emerging potentials of intrinsically indefinite ontological status.

– Interviewed emerging potentials represent consensus life priorities that direct one’s integral life practice, in partnership with the waking goals of the student.

– Integral Deep Listening does not focus on integrating shadow, as Wilber’s integral life practice does but on integrating the self into one’s inner compass.

– Development is not about the self for Integral Deep Listening, but about life, which uses whatever forms arise in order to wake up to itself. From the perspective of life, individual forms and selves do not exist.

– There is no meaningful distinction between sacred and secular in Integral Deep Listening.

These and other comparisons/contrasts to Wilber’s work are discussed in more depth here.

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