What do I need?

What do I need?

Whether your issue is personal development through meditation, lucidity or service to others, personal prosperity through removing blocks to financial and social success, or the overcoming of barriers to your happiness, such as addiction, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, or relationship conflict, Integral Deep Listening (IDL) provides practical tools and effective coaching that makes sense and works. IDL puts you in touch with fresh, relevant, and transformative perspectives no matter what your issues are. It can work magic for you if you will only learn and use two of its core skill sets regularly:

1) Do interviews

2) Follow the recommendations that make sense to you

In addition, IDL provides a full range of strategies that help in all three of the above areas, including discovering and freeing yourself from socio-cultural scripting that clips your roots and binds your branches, turning you into a bonsai; recognizing and eliminating your emotional, logical, and perceptual cognitive distortions that sabotage your potentials; creating an integral life practice that will keep your life in balance; and learning to deepen your contact with your authentic self, as opposed to living in the straight-jacket of societally-defined definitions of “normalcy.”

To learn more about interviewing, IDL can help you with both specific and concrete issues and very broad and general ones.

How can I wake up in my dreams and lucid dream?

How can I improve my lucid dreams?

I am stuck in my meditation. What do I need?

What is blocking my enlightenment?

What does this dream mean?

How do I get over my fear of…

– public speaking, heights, spiders, snakes, dogs, flying or leaving my house?

–  scarcity/poverty?

– being alone?

– growing old?

– of death?

How do I get over my grief and depression?

What do I need to do to heal this physical condition?

Examples of broad and general issues which IDL has been shown to help include:

Is this person my soul mate?

Should I invest in this stock?

What shall I study in school?

Should I take this job?

How do I stay fully engaged in my life but avoid getting caught up in drama?

How can I avoid reacting?

How can I learn to recognize the lies I tell myself and stop doing it?

How can I improve my decision-making?

How do I learn to meditate?

What do I need to do to deepen my meditations?

How can I generalize the peace and witnessing I experience when I meditate to my everyday mind?

What do I need to focus on that will most support my growth, development, and enlightenment?

IDL does not promise to heal or cure any of these problems, but it does promise to make them more understandable and less threatening. Sometimes that alone is enough to resolve them, but not always.

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