An Overview of Computerized IDL Interviewing

For thirty eight years, since Dream Sociometry was created by Joseph Dillard in 1980, until 2018, one had no choice but to laboriously create Dream Sociomatrices by hand using printed templates. Many of the examples of Dream Sociomatrices found on this site and in Dream Sociometry were created in this way, as were their accompanying Dream Sociograms. That process easily took two hours for each Dream Sociomatrix and Dream Sociogram. Individual element interviews were conducted with pencil and paper, or typed into question templates and copies emailed to students.

Now, due to the technological and coding wizardry of Dee Doyle, IDL and Dream Yoga web administrator, you are able to create both types of interviews easily, have all your work saved, and all of your interviews collected in one place so that you can compare them, review recommendations, copy your interviews and share them with whomever you please.

Computerized IDL also provides the world with a growing research base so that we can answer some of the many questions about the efficacy of IDL interviewing. Who can it help? How can it be improved? How can we best help you apply the recommendations you receive from your interviews?

If you get stuck…

Even the best of computer programs can take some getting used to, and what is intuitive to one person may not be for another. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process:

When listing character preferences, just use the “Edit” button to save and proceed.

Only use the “Proceed to Next Section” button if you have finished with a section and have saved your work by using the “Edit” button.

If you really get stuck, don’t pull out your hair! Email us at with your issue and we will do our best to help you as soon as we can!

IDL has as a goal making interviewing simple enough for parents to use with their children, and flexible enough for use by people with a broad range of personal concerns. For those purposes, your feedback in the form of your interview information and any comments, questions, or suggestions you have about the interviewing process itself is extremely helpful.  Please address any thoughts you may have about the questions, the format of the interview, or improving the process, in the comment box following the interview.

And now it’s time to sign in and get started! Have fun!


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