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Integral Deep Listening

Journey to awakening

Purpose of IDL

IDL amplifies your connection with authentic presence while reducing control by the scripting of the socialized identity that you were taught to be. This is a process of waking up into a balanced and integrated space that is empathetic, honest, and playful.

What can IDL do

In addition to enhancing your lucidity, both while awake and dreaming, IDL provides clear, satisfying, and useful interpretations to dreams, nightmares, life traumas, and mystical experiences that are uniquely your own. IDL eliminates most nightmares, including ones that have repeated for years, with only one interview.

IDL Certification

IDL will not only teach you to apply recommendations from your IDL interviews but how to coach others out of those conditions where they feel most stuck in their lives. As you pass on the gifts of healing, balance, and transformation to others, you not only bring your waking dream into balance, but transform your world.

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I want to thank you! I have been in a terror attack 9 years ago, and since then I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. For eight years I had nightmares every night. Usually I had at least four or five nightmares.
Eva Delbora
Joseph Dillard is a master therapist, teacher, and coach. I had been suffering from recurrent dreams and nightmares for over 25 years and went to Joseph for help. His Integral Deep Listening process helped me to recognize that the “characters”
Jerry Hansen

What our clients say

Integral Deep Listening helped me get to know myself on a deeper level. I have learnt, that I can work with the feeling which remains after a dream and that I can transform a negative past dream feeling into an experience that reframes my feeling in a way that it is part of a workable solution, instead of a chronic problem.
Anna Powel

Idl session

Integral Deep Listening is both a dream yoga and an integral life practice. It is designed to help you wake up out of delusion – the belief that you have right now, or when dreaming, that you are awake, when you are actually asleep, dreaming, and sleepwalking through your life.

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