Goals for Personal Development


Live Your Life From the Perspective of Your Highest Emerging Potentials

Are you living your life from the perspective of your highest potentials?  If not, why not?  Are you wasting your time blaming others or yourself?  Are you stuck?  Are you lazy?  Are you making excuses for yourself?  You have access to innate emerging potentials that see exactly what you are ashamed of, yet to access authentic perspectives that accept you completely for who and what you are. When you listen to them, they will free you and set you on your life’s path.

Internally Support and Direct Your Own Transpersonal Development

It is only a matter of time before you outgrow every teacher, every guru and every exclusive religion or professional specialty.  However, you will never outgrow your need to listen to the characters in the dreams you will have tonight.  You will never outgrow your need to listen to your own innate potentials, because they will tell you the next step to take to make your most heartfelt dreams come true.

Understand how your life is a self-created dream and how you can awaken from it

The more you dream the delusions of your childhood script, your culture, your nation, and your ego, the more you suffer. The more that you awaken to the truth of who you really are, by practicing ongoing deep listening to yourself within the context of an integral life practice, the more fulfilling your life will become.

Learn self-directed life strategies for healing, balancing, and transformation

You want to transform – from a caterpillar to a butterfly; from a socially/culturally created bonsai to a fully expressing being!  To sustain any growth you must create solid foundations by continuously healing and re-balancing your life.  In IDL you learn powerful tools for getting unstuck. You learn how to create two sanghas – an internal and an external spiritual community to give you the support you’ve always wanted and needed in your life.

Learn to live your life from innate, integral perspectives

Integral perspectives consider all stages of your past, present, and future development.  They consider your various capabilities or competencies, called lines of development.  Integral approaches are multi-perspectival, in that they not only consider the above, but they address growth from perspectives of consciousness, culture, behavior, and social interaction.  While integral perspectives do not have to be innate, intrinsic, or organic. Those provided by Integral Deep Listening are.

Become directed by perspectives that personify transpersonal qualities

There are many transpersonal qualities.  In Integral Deep Listening you learn to focus on six that are innate, in that they are associated with the stages of your breath, the round of your day, the cycle of each year, and the circle of your life and death.  These six qualities are confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing.  To the extent that your life is directed by these qualities it heals, balances, and transforms itself.

Awaken from childhood scripting and self-created drama that turns your life not only into a self-created delusion but sometimes into a nightmare

Integral Deep Listening asks you to consider the possibility that everything that happens in your life can best be viewed as a wake up call.  Are you listening?  If you are not, the wakeup calls will grow from whispered dreams to nightmares. If you still do not listen, expect accidents, worry, illness, bad relationships, and “bad luck” to increase until you finally wake up and pay attention. This is the nature and source of suffering – dukkha for Buddhism – and it is avoidable.  Integral Deep Listening turns this suffering into grace by first respecting, then understanding, and finally healing its roots.

Go beyond lucid dreaming to lucid living

Integral Deep Listening is a form of Dream Yoga.  (Go to DreamYoga.Com to learn more.)  In this context, the dream is your delusional self-sense and perceptual framework, which you carry into all states of consciousness, including dreaming and lucid dreaming. The yoga is waking up out of self-delusion so you do not destroy your future, misperceive your dreams, and colonialize your lucid dreams with waking imperialism. Integral Deep Listening teaches you how to move from self-delusion, whether dreaming or awake, to lucidity, and beyond that, to pellucidity, or the ability to witness yourself witnessing the drama of your life, dreams, lucid dreams, and deep sleep.  Integral Deep Listening focuses on speeding up this process in your waking life to incubate dreams that no longer act out the delusional dramas that create suffering through the infusion of subtle doubts, fears, and confusions during your waking hours.

Identify and heal blocks and resistances to development

The reason you are stuck is because you have resistance to change.  That resistance is there for good reason.  Do you know what it is?  Do you listen to it? Do you know how to listen to it?  If you don’t, you are slowing your own growth and suffering unnecessarily.  If you don’t, your suffering is limiting your ability to hear and respond to the needs of those you love the most.

Balance the various aspects of your day-to-day life

You are constantly juggling the demands of family, school, bosses, the need to make time for exercise, the need to eat a healthy diet, the need to be honest and the need to be loving.  All of these demands are often overwhelming, and when you drop one it is easy to feel that you are a failure.  Many of your emerging potentials know how to balance all these competing interests much better than you do.  When you listen to them you will be surprised at how much more balanced your life becomes.

Become an example of what you want to convey to others

Most therapists, coaches, doctors, helping professionals, lawyers, businessmen, and politicians are paid for their assumed expertise.  If they practice what they preach is beside the point.  With such a traditional model, not only clients, but bosses, employees, partners,  consumers, citizens, and children are left to assume that you are a lot healthier than you probably are.  This is a recipe for mutual disaster when you do not live up to either your claims or to the expectations that others project on to you. When you learn Integral Deep Listening, you are much more likely to find yourself becoming an effective and powerful example of what you want to convey to others. At the same time you learn to dampen down unrealistic expectations; instead of over-committing you will make more realistic commitments.

Provide a foundation for teaching Integral Deep Listening to others

Misery is optional.  The world needs you to learn to listen in a deep and integral way so you can teach it to children, people with broken hearts, and broken bodies.  You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

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