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Zoom Integral Deep Listening Practitioner Training Program

Purposes of the Program:

We are all asleep, dreaming, and sleepwalking through life, lost in our familial and socio-cultural scripting. Recognizing that scripting and setting our own life goals is an important first step toward waking up that few make, but it is not enough. What we require is to access authentic emerging potentials that point us toward our unique life compass so that we can align our priorities with those that are expressing themselves through our dreams and are pushing to be born within us. Beyond this, through service to others we create a like-minded support system while transforming global scripting and worldviews to reflect the priorities of the emerging potentials and life compass of humanity as a whole. 

Integral Deep Listening is a variety of transpersonal dream yoga, meaning that it is a discipline that combines 

work, learning, and fun, 

empathy/acceptance, wisdom/witnessing, and confidence/inner peace, 

healing, balancing, and transformation,  

Aliveness/detachment, balancing/clarity, and wakefulness/freedom,

luminosity, cosmic humor, and abundance. 

Work involves effort, discipline, persistence, patience.

Learning involves study, homework, and demonstration of competencies.

Fun involves trusting absurdity, surrendering control, scripting, and social expectations, being stupid, practicing cosmic humor, non-personalization, and multi-perspectivalism. 

Structure of the Program:

Each Level will consist of three modules, each of which has six sessions, one every other week per module, for twelve weeks, times 3 is 36 weeks or some nine months to complete a level. Students sign up for one six-week, every other week module at a time, thereby providing them with flexibility about when and if they wish to continue. I will schedule a Level when I have six participants, with cut-off at 12, ensuring small group dynamics and personal attention.

Because advance of group to next level is dependent on at least six participants graduating, one should not register unless they are committed to finishing the level, consisting of three twelve week modules. 

Homework includes watching subject-related videos, readings, self-interviews, interviewing others, application of recommendations, creation of accountability structures; and supervising the application of interview recommendations given to a partner.


Six session two-hour zoom modules; every two weeks; twelve weeks total; 24 hours total; 

   $30.00 per session x 6 = $ 180.00 per module. Total investment in each level is $ 540.00.

For perspective, a usual 50 minute hourly rate is $100.00.   Each six session module is payable in advance via PayPal.

  For each person which you introduce to the training program via IDL salons and who chooses to join the Practitioner Training Program (Module 1, Level 1), you will receive a $100.00 deduction from the cost of future six session modules $80.00 instead of $180.00).

 Missed sessions can be made up in a future training module. 

Level I: Coach 

(Three modules, 101, 102, 103, each consisting of six two-hour Zoom sessions every other week. Each module is 12 weeks for a total of 36 weeks (more with holidays) or nine months.)

Pre-requisites: participation in at least one Zoom Integral Salon

Level 1 Coaching content will include: 

Introduction to IDL; goals of training; competencies

Purpose and structure of interviewing; application; accountability; choosing partner

Demo interviews with student volunteers;

Review of structure of single element interviewing protocol and function of questions

Operationalizing recommendations; providing support/accountability structure for yourself and those you interview.

Learning common resistances or confusions that may arise during an interview and how to deal with them.

Homework: Videos on IDL overview; interviewing self; communicating with partner. Videos on IDL interviewing structure and function; partner interviewing; reading assignments.

Reports on what has been learned from homework.

Level 1 Coach graduates will be able to:

Describe to others what IDL is and is not;

Interview their own dream characters, life issues, synchronicities, elements from mystical or near death experiences, historical, fictional, or current events, as well as those of others using the IDL single element interviewing protocols;

Ability to be successfully led through interviews by others, including those who are new to IDL and have never been interviewed;

Learn mutual support and accountability structures and practice them with interview partners;

Be able to explain the purpose of the IDL single character interviewing protocols and the function of each question

Be able to handle a wide variety of questions or issues that may come up about IDL, interviewing, or during the course of an interview. 

Level 11: Practitioner

(Three modules, 201, 202, and 203, each consisting of six two-hour Zoom sessions every other week. Each module is 12 weeks for a total of 36 weeks (more with holidays) or nine months.)

Pre-requisites: Completion of Level 1 IDL Coach training

The purpose of Practitioner training is to learn:

   IDL on-line interviewing single element interviewing;

   Partner interviewing is supplemented by interviewing of those not familiar with IDL;

  How IDL interviewing serves as one component of a broad range of instructional competencies in life management. These are divided into 1) tools to get unstuck, and 2) tools to balance and transform.

 The specific informational content covers:

Goal setting


Drama Triangle





The IDL Statement of Intent

Classes will also problem solve around the successful implementation of recommendations, problem-solving around accountability and issues of resistance. Homework will include reciprocal interviewing with a target audience

Level 11 Practitioner graduates will be able to:

Complete on-line single element interviews; 

Lead others through on-line single element interviews;

Be led by others through on-line single element interviews;

Work with a specialized population of one’s choice, such as children; actors; families, couples, Work with specialized interest areas of one’s choice, such as Shamanism, energy medicine, career/life coaching; clinical issues (anxiety/PTSD/phobias; depression); addiction, childhood and spousal abuse).

Become familiar with common problems/issues of different populations and how to address them using IDL;

Level III: Trainer

(Three modules, 301, 302, 303, each consisting of six two-hour Zoom sessions every other week. Each module is 12 weeks for a total of 36 weeks (more with holidays) or nine months.)

Pre-requisites: Completion of Level 2 IDL Practitioner training

The purpose of Level III trainer is to develop the experience and confidence necessary to design and present IDL Level I and Level II trainings and certifications oneself. Trainers have broad experience in interviewing and being interviewed as well as in applying recommendations from interviewed elements as well as supporting others to do the same. They are well-versed in the principles of IDL from videos, materials on-line at IntegralDeepListening, and books on IDL.

Informational Content:

  Purpose and Structure of Sociomatrices/Sociograms; online interviewing of self/others using the sociomatrix, multiple character interviewing format.

  Relationship of IDL to other modalities/worldviews

  Perspectives that are and are not conducive to enlightenment



  Buddhism (esp. Tibetan Deity Yoga)

  Chinese worldview

  Jungian psychology

  Shadow work, parts work

  Integral AQAL


Level 111 Trainer graduates will be able to:

Ability to explain purpose and structure of Dream Sociometry

Ability to create Dream Sociometrices for oneself and lead others through the process

Ability to read and explain Dream Sociograms

Demonstrate competency in dealing with a target audience of their choice

Offer Integral Salons in person and/or on line

Offer trainings that integrate personal interest or competency areas with IDL in person and/or on line

  (A supervising trainer will be there to support you.)


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