About IDL

Live your life from the perspective of your highest and broadest potentials.

Internally support and direct your own  development.

Understand how your life is a self-created dream and and how you can awaken from it.

Professional training for healing, balancing, and transformation of your life and others.

    You are asleep, dreaming, sleepwalking, lost in the drama of your life script and trapped in identification with the perceptual reality of your physical, mental, cultural, and social filters.

You wake up as you ask, “Is this a dream?” see everything as a wake-up call, reframe your cognitive distortions, and act on your priorities today, moving you from delusion and mental fuzziness to clarity and thence to luminosity, cosmic humor, and abundance. You are addicted to the past and future.

You move into the here and now as you name the contents of your mind, stop monkeying around in the five trees (thoughts, feelings, imagery, sensations, and states), and become the core processes and qualities of the round of your breath, moving you from personalization to cosmic humor, abundance, and luminosity.

You have lost your way. You find and follow your inner compass as you remember, become, and deeply listen to emerging potentials and act on their recommendations today, integrating your inner and outer worlds and moving you from fear-based scarcity to trust-based abundance, luminosity, and cosmic humor.

Much of what you will find on this site is designed to “unpack” what you have just read.

To summarize, you have an inner compass. You can find and follow it by learning to interview emerging potentials that show up as characters in your dreams and as your life challenges. When you do so, you heal, balance, and transform your life.

To learn about your inner compass, go here.

To learn about emerging potentials, go here.

To learn about IDL interviewing, go here.

Integral Deep Listening does so by showing you how easy and fun it is to learn to look at your life from unique perspectives that are not stuck in the suffering that you are. It teaches you how to make them allies in building a life free of drama and centered in confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing.

To learn about how IDL can free you from drama, go here.

To learn about IDL and the six core qualities of confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing, go here.

Integral Deep Listening is integral because it takes into account your physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, financial, and spiritual concerns. To learn more about how IDL is integral, go here.

It is deep listening because it does not confuse the type of attention you pay to your ordinary thoughts and feelings with listening to your inner compass. To learn about what “deep listening” is, go here.

Centuries ago, Confucius described the basic concept that IDL attempts to awaken in humanity:

If there be righteousness 

in the heart, 

there will be beauty

in the character.

If there be beauty 

in the character,

there will be harmony

in the home.

If there be harmony in the home,

 there will be order 

in the nation.

If there be order 

in the nation,

there will be peace

in the world.

This site describes a form of dream yoga, Integral Deep Listening, and how it is applied.  To compare IDL with other forms of Dream Yoga, notably Tibetan dream yoga and lucid dreaming, see DreamYoga.Com. Under Integral Deep Listening at that site are comparisons and contrasts to various other points of reference, including shamanic vision quests, Hindu, Theravadin, and Chinese dream yogas, psychoanalysis, Jungian, and Gestalt therapies, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Voice Dialogue, Wilber’s Integral AQAL and the Integral Shadow 3-2-1 Process.  DreamYoga.Com also contains a number of short essays dealing with the relationship of Integral Deep Listening to such areas as meditation, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, epistemology, art theory, psychopathology, creative problem solving, and phenomenology.

The blog on this site addresses nightmares, health, assertiveness, depression, anxiety, career, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, meditation, and lucid dreaming on a more personal and individual basis. The blog at DreamYoga.Com deals with cultural dreams and nightmares, such as war, terrorism, the nature of evil, life after death, religion, and reincarnation.  It also addresses meditation and lucid dreaming on a broad level. Entries are being added, so either check back or join our Twitter feed for updates.  Please feel free to request examples on subjects you are interested in.

Click on this link to learn how to become an Integral Deep Listening Dream Yoga practitioner

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