Getting Started

Getting Started:

How long does an interview last?

With children, shoot for no more than half an hour. If you run out of time, you can talk about recommendations later. If attention and interest is shared by all participants, you can go longer.

What interviewing format or protocol should I use?

Experiment! Make it your own! Have fun! And by all means, share your experiences with our global community of parents and dreamers so that we can all learn from each other and improve Dreaming Healthy Families!

However, just like learning anything, a short-cut is to first learn from the experience of others and then create your unique variations on that. For example, the musical improvisations of a new student are not going to be of the quality of someone who has mastered the scales and structures of their instrument. Similarly, in Dreaming Healthy Families, protocols already exist that will teach you the “rules of the game.” Those can be found, with explanations of the purpose of each question, at “Questionnaires.”

Why is it recommended that I use an on-line interviewing format?

The answers provided by your interviewed character can be typed in following each question or you can use voice recognition to automatically enter your answers. This produces a transcript which can be reviewed later by the interviewed family member, when they are no longer taking the perspective of this or that dream character. It also provides a record to refer to later, for use with a coach, and as a teaching tool to help other families who are learning the process. The record also helps our community of families to improve the process and become that much better at helping families move into greater happiness. 

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