Measuring Results

Measuring Results:

How do I know that Dreaming Healthy Families is really helping my family or instead, we are just fooling ourselves?

Credibility comes from changes that can be measured. The most basic and important gauge as to whether Dreaming Healthy Families is helping your family is whether or not your family members feel heard, listened to, and respected. This is because you can have respect without love, but you can’t have love without respect. Respect is foundational to all relationships, and it needs to start at home, between partners, parents and children. Dreaming Healthy Families creates harmony, health, and happiness primarily through increasing mutual respect in your family.

When you decide to tackle a specific recommendation, you need to make sure it is realistic. It has to be broken down into bite-sized pieces where every day you and your family members can tell if you are headed in the right direction or not.

A shared “to do” app or a simple chart on the refrigerator where you can check off when you have done something you decided to do (or not do), like yell or be critical, or where your family members can give you a score, say zero to ten, can be used. 

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