For Beginners:

Interviewing Videos

Interviewing Formats

How and Why Does IDL Interviewing Work?

Getting the Most out of IDL Interviewing


Interviewing Cultural Fantasies: The Tooth Fairy

For Coaches:

Examples of Deep Listening

Understanding the IDL Interviewing Protocols

Dream Interviewing Protocol

Life Issue Interviewing Protocol

Interviewing a person, waking life, or serendipitous event

Interviewing Formats for Children

Child’s Dream Interviewing Protocol

Child’s Life Issue Interviewing Protocol

An Overview of Computerized IDL Interviewing

Online Interviewing Registration

Online Guided Interviewing Formats (videos) 

Helping Children Find and Follow their Life Compass

Eliminating blocks to your creativity

Testing Your IDL Interview

How to work with Character Recommendations

Keeping track of your IDL Menagerie (tracking your interviews)

For Practitioners:

Reading Back the Interview

Interviewing Conflictual Relationships

Are Interviewed Characters “Self-Aspects” or “Emerging Potentials?”

Understanding your Resistance to Listening to Yourself

Interviewing a Younger You

Interviewing Historical Figures

Interviewing Jesus

Saul on the Road to Damascus

Interviewing Christ Consciousness

Interviewing Machiavelli

Meeting George Washington

Interviewing Thomas Jefferson

Interviewing Hitler

Interviewing UFOs, Crop Circles, and Synchronicities

Interviewing Crop Circles

Life is Ecstasy: Sunny’s Crop Circle Interview

Interviewing Coronavirus Fears

Interviewing Dog Shit

A dream about achieving abundance

For Trainers:

The Cryptosylum: A precognitive dream of death and rebirth

Interviewing a Past-Life Memory

A Past;Life Jaguar Teaches Empowerment

The Amazing Lost Secret of Buddha’s Enlightenment

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