Testing Your IDL Interview


You have done an interview…

How do you know if it helps?

If you have had a nightmare, does it stop? Is it less frequent?

If you had a dream you didn’t understand, is it clearer to you now?

Did you get help with a life issue?

Your interviewed character made several recommendations; how do you know if they will work or are just wishful thinking?

You have to test them.

One standard recommendation is to “become” the character in the situations that it recommends and see what happens.

For example, if a mirror says, “Become me when hurtful things happen and just let it bounce off; don’t take it in,” you add it to a list to review before bed every night.

One item might be, “Remembered to become the mirror.” Then you could write the number of times you did so today.

Remembered to become the mirror:             1

The next item might be,”When I became the mirror…” Then give yourself a number on a  minus ten to zero to ten scale, with minus ten meaning things got as bad as they could get, zero meaning things did not change, and ten meaning that the hurt didn’t affect you at all.

When I became the mirror:                             6

All of  the other recommendations will be like one of these – either be something to check off, √, that you do or don’t do, or they will be some number of repetitions. Here are some examples:

Read over the interview before sleep:               √

Focused on solutions when worried:              0 – 10

Changed the subject if Paula was negative:      √

Did the hardest thing on my “to do” list first:  √

Treat your evening recommendation review like a game! Do not beat yourself up when you forget or don’t perform up to your expectations! Things wouldn’t be on your list if you were perfect at them! You’re trying to remember to wake up!

Revise your list weekly and when you do another interview.

Checking your list before sleep is to help you to use your dream time to create goal accomplishment tomorrow!

Please let us know what works and what does not, and what we can change to help more people practice deep listening to themselves in an integral way! Respond here or email us at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com

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