A Dream About Achieving Abundance



Everybody has money issues.  If we don’t have enough, we want more; if we have a lot we have issues about what to do with it.  These challenges often melt away when they are approached from the perspectives of interviewed emerging potentials. Here is an example of taking a money issue, increasing income, to a dream that introduces an intriguing promise about increased income. Will it have anything relevant to contribute to resolving this issue?

“I am on a plane.  A man starts talking to me; I am having trouble hearing him because of all the background noise.  I walk over and crouch by his seat.  He says his name is Andra _____ (I didn’t catch the last name).  I tell him that I have a sister named Andra and that I’ve never met a man with that name before.  He is apparently accompanying someone named Karla, which makes me think of my long-term client by that name.  As I am waking up, we are talking about money, which he seems to have plenty of.  I tell him that I need 5K a month.  He says that he can supply me with that, no problem.”

“I don’t know why I had this dream.  I fly a lot. I consciously work at experiencing my life as one of great abundance, and it is.  My life is full of extraordinary riches, yet like most people, I am also somewhat aware of the wolf at the door.  Recently we have had unexpected expenses, but I do not need to make 5K a month, although it would of course be nice! I do, however, need to make more money and am searching for ways. How to productively problem solve and not simply sink into unproductive worry is a yoga. I am now on speaking terms in a dream with a man named Andra, which is ironic, since I have a post card relationship with an actual sister of the same name.”

The dreamer chose to interview “Andra.” Here is what he had to say:

“I am a passenger on this plane, like you.  I am doing a favor for a friend, Karla, and accompanying her on this plane ride. I don’t have any worries, not because I’m rich, but because I live in a world of abundance. I represent a perspective, a way of looking at life, that lives in a world of abundance.  He sees his sister Andra as doing so.  Sure, she struggles financially, but she has what she needs to support herself, help support five grand daughters, and a bunch of animals. I would score myself ten in confidence, acceptance, and inner peace and an eight in compassion, wisdom, and witnessing. If the dreamer scored as I do he would live out of a similar context of abundance. If I were him I would ask more people directly for what I want and to do so any time I desire more abundance. I am in his life to demonstrate that there is no shortage of what he wants; he just needs to get about the business of asking for it. He keeps himself from taking this simple step out of fear of what other people will think. He would be wise not to care about what other people think and just ask.”
“He had this dream to try to figure out how to feel less pressured financially. He met me on a plane because a plane is a place where he meets people that are out of his normal network and that can open new possibilities.   Karla is a reference to the money he makes already as a psychotherapist.  I am connected to that field.  He needs to work on his connections to it to bring in more. He was talking to his wife last night about the leak in the roof.  She mentioned that she has a friend named Andreas who could help. and that he was friends with a roofer.

So mister, you seem to be a very wealthy emerging potential that I’ve accessed.  What’s the deal?

“We dream characters don’t have any financial problems.”

Yes, but you also don’t have any real money.  Are you giving false assurances?

“In my world there is no absence of anything.  I don’t see why my answer would have been different if the dreamer had said he needed 150K a month.”

Dreamer: So, how do I generate 5K a month?

“First, you have to believe that it is possible and realistic.  You have to then take steps to get it.  Asking for it in a dream is a first step.”

Here is what the dreamer heard this emerging potential tell him: “This dream is problem solving around increasing my income.  It says that first I have to see my life and world as abundant and filled with possibilities to experience that abundance. Then I need to make known my needs so that I can connect with others that can help me.  It is unrealistic to think that people are just going to give me money; I need to earn it, but I have to make my needs known, as well as the areas where I have something to offer, in my areas of expertise.”

This seems like good advice for all of us. Ask yourself, “Do I focus on what I have or what I don’t have?” “Do I view scarcity as an opportunity or as a source of fear and insecurity?” “How good am I at asking others for what I want or need?” “How good am I at developing a plan for abundance, getting help with it, and following it?”

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