Keeping Track of Your IDL Menagerie


If you have been doing IDL for very long, at some point you have asked yourself, “What am I supposed to do with all these interviewed characters and recommendations! It’s overwhelming!

The short answer is, Do not worry about neglecting a character or recommendation! They do not care, and they tend to “reincarnate” in new interviews that speak to your current issues and life circumstances.

However, keeping a record of all your self-interviews to review will astound you with the abundance, creativity, and vitality that exists within you that you will tend to forget about and disconnect from if you do not keep such a list.

Creating a list of who you interviewed, when, their strengths, when they suggest it would be helpful for you to become them, and their chief recommendations will provide valuable history, a way to remember interviews and provide a way to find them again easily when you need to re-read a particular one. Focus on quality rather than quantity! Otherwise you will get overwhelmed by sheer numbers of characters and recommendations! Work with a few of each at a time, based on their salience, or relevance to the growth issues that concern you most today.

Start a list of the following: Name of interviewed character; Dream (or other) source; date; personifies…; when to become (identify with); main recommendations.

The idea is to have a way to keep track of your growing menagerie so you don’t forget about them and so you can keep track of when, where, and how to make good use of particular ones. This is different from the daily recommendation check-off sheet, which does not list characters but only those recommendations, often from a number of characters, that you are currently working with, and what you did about them today.

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