17 Nov

Arrows and Acropolis

By Michael Tell me a dream you remember. It can be an old one There’s an underground room, like a shrine, like a catacomb, There are books in there, and there’s a meeting of a religious sect. Christian. It’s like a Pentecostal, or seventh day Adventists. It’s both old Gnostic, from the early centuries CE and a newer born again type religion. The room is full of candles and people. And a voice is saying that it was unfortunate that some books of the...

18 Feb

Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Waking – What are the differences?

Improving the usefulness of the five years of our life we spend dreaming and the fifteen or so years we spend in deep sleep is a smart thing to do, because learning to be fully alive in the here and now, moment-to-moment, is a wise way to live. As increasing numbers of people learn about lucid dreaming and dream yogas, as we continue to increase our ability to network and gain wider access to both historical and contemporary related approaches...

03 Jun

Hubris, High School Jock Syndrome, and Dreaming

  If you are human, you are vulnerable to one of the most pernicious traps and deadly diseases ever discovered: complacency leading to hubris. Hubris is the ancient Greek word for pride, cockiness, the belief that you have it made, that you have life figured out, that you are in control. This state of zombified arrogance is also known as the “High School Jock Syndrome,” because it is most clearly seen in a stereotype we are all familiar with: the handsome,...

18 Feb

Why Foster Your Spiritual Health?

A contributed article by Jane Sandwood It isn’t easy to come across media posts reminding us of the importance of supporting our physical and mental health, yet the connection between our health and wellbeing and our spiritual life, is often ignored. Across the globe, physicians and researchers alike are heading away from a purely technological or cure-based approach to illness, based on scientific findings on the vital role that spirituality can play in keeping us happy and helping us weather life’s vicissitudes...

05 Feb

Getting the most out of IDL interviewing

A common problem for some people doing Integral Deep Listening interviews is that some find that they indeed experience more lucidity and move toward waking up when they do the interviews, but afterward, it is normal to lose the experience and the motivation to return to the expanded states of awareness associated with them. What to do? Here are some recommendations from a young man who has been doing IDL interviewing for several years, modified a little for ease of reading: “What...

04 Feb

Using IDL to Help Your Studies

by Jane Sandwood Using IDL to Help Your Studies In 2017, over two million students took the American College Test.  According to the latest report from ACT, the national average ACT composite score for the year was 21.0 on a 1 to 36 scale. If getting into college is important to you to attain your goals in life, the higher you score on the ACT the more options you will have when it comes to your choice of school.  Additionally, a...

03 Oct

Finding a Healthy Approach to Terminal Illness

If you are so fortunate as to live so long, some day you may be given a terminal diagnosis. You may be told that you have so many days or months to live. What will you do? You will require a multi-faceted approach that involves at least three different broad elements: allopathy, maximizing the power of belief, and integral. I want to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of these here. None of us know for sure what we will...

03 Oct

Physical Health Issues

Integral Deep Listening Practitioners do not take histories, diagnose, treat, or heal health issues. IDL assumes that healing is the combination of outside expertise, your common sense, and your inner compass, as represented by the perspectives and interpretations of interviewed inner potentials. IDL uses a process called “triangulation” to compare subjective and objective sources of direction with common sense. The result is an approach to healing, balancing, and transformation that produces recommendations that can be operationalized and tested in one’s waking life.

03 Oct

Helping Children Find and Follow Their Inner Compass

Using Integral Deep Listening (IDL) to Help Children  Grow, be Happy and Healthy The First Stage of the Rocket of Human Development The development of children can be thought of as a three-stage rocket. The first stage produces enormous thrust to get a child’s body and cognitive wiring launched. This heavy lifting stage is biologically pre-programmed and unfolds during the first years of life. For example, capacities to walk and talk are largely hard-wired into the operating systems that children are born with. Biological programs set off timed...

03 Oct

Bad Sulza Practitioner Trainings

Come learn Integral Deep Listening and enjoy the Liquid Sound Temple and the amazing healing waters of the Toscana Therme in the country of Bach, Luther, Hegel, and Schiller in the heart of Germany! Packages:4 overnights in House 3 Hotel an der Therme
with breakfast and 2 hours use of the Toskana Therme per overnight In a double room – per person 216,00 € In a single room – per person 248,00 € Seminar Location: Hotel an der Therme, Bad Sulza Participants without overnight at the...