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NAVIGATION; Below you will find a series of links to videos on the following topics:

What is Integral Deep Listening?

Dreaming Healthy Families


On Line Guided Interviewing Formats

On Line Dream Sociometry Interviewing Instructions

Recognizing, Revising, and Integrating Your Life Scripts

The Drama Triangle

Cognitive Distortions, Biases, and Logical Fallacies

Goal Setting and Triangulation

Assertiveness in the Three Realms: Relationships, Thinking, Dreaming


IDL Pranayama

IDL Naming Meditation

Blueprint for Awakening


First, here is an overview of the multiple purposes of this video curricula:

Some things stand the tests of time. These include our personal and collective development and our different states of consciousness. Everyone needs to access their own unique life compass and use it to set themselves on a meaningful, fulfilling life path. Our dream, deep sleep, and altered states of consciousness, such as mystical experiences, influence and affect our waking life and development and will be doing so 5000 years from now. Our personal development matters for the future of humanity just as the collectives in which we live affect who and what we each individually are and who we will become. All of these things are true every day of our lives and will continue to frame the reality of distant future generations. What we do about them today, now, affects not only our own future but the arc of the evolution of humanity. These are topics that matter, regardless of our sex, age, race, religion, nationality, or the century in which we live.

Here are some of the interest areas addressed by this curricula:

Are you interested in learning how to direct your development by the priorities of your own unique life compass rather than by your familial, social, cultural scripting, or by your own best guess at what your priorities ought to be?

Are you interested in learning how to treat the life issues that matter to you as if they were waking dreams and interview visual representations of them as if they were dream characters in order to better understand your life issue and access creative and useful ways to resolve it?

Are you interested in approaching your own development from a transpersonal perspective?

Are you interested in learning how to interpret your dreams without relying on experts or your own best guesses?

Are you interested in using your dreams to get out of your own way by reducing stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and problems with interpersonal relations?

Are you interested in learning IDL interviewing protocols for interviewing dreams, life issues, current, historical, and fictional events as well as mystical, near death, psychic, and synchronistic experiences?

Do you want to learn how to interview children, friends, family members, and clients?

Are you interested in gaining the skill sets and knowledge to become an IDL Coach, in which you help others solve practical life problems?

Are you interested in gaining the skill sets and knowledge to become an IDL Practitioner, in which you help others to move beyond major blocks to their own development?

The Integral Deep Listening Video Curricula provides you with the opportunity to learn IDL from its originator, Joseph Dillard, LCSW, PhD.

Each video is purposefully short and compact, generally under seven minutes in length, allowing learning to occur in time blocks manageable for all.

This curricula is designed to provide two basic skills: 1) effective interviewing of self and others and 2) a series of life skills that, when used in conjunction with IDL interviewing, enhance healing, balancing, and transformation.

Together, this skill set is intended to stand the tests of time. That means that as you grow, change, and evolve, these tools will continue to provide support and direction.

Students of this curricula are linked via “Friends of IDL” on Facebook so that they can study, interview, and grow together.

The overall goal of teaching you this curricula is set out in “Dreaming Healthy Families” on this website. In essence, it is to change global culture from the inside out: we align our own priorities with those of our life compass and teach others, particularly future generations, to do the same. The consequence is that personal and collective decision making is no longer driven by news cycles, the “management of consent,” or by our personal and collective scripting, but rather is an expression of our own authentic and most fundamental experience of goodness, truth, balance, and justice.

The IDL video curricula is meant to be studied with a partner or study group of your own making, and there is an order of learning that has been found to be most effective.

First, there are a series of introductory videos that are designed to orient students or potential coaches or practitioners to what Integral Deep Listening is. While introductory, some of this material will only be understood after one has some experience with both interviewing and the various other skill sets taught in subsequent videos.  So some of these can be left for later or returned to when you want to have a deeper understanding of what you are learning ties in to basic concepts of IDL. Topics followed by an (“A”) are Advanced.

There is a series of instructional videos on interviewing dreams, life issues, and Dream Sociometry. While students need to learn how to use the on-line interviewing protocols, because interviewing both your own dreams and life issues and also those of others is a fundamental skill set for IDL, Dream Sociometry, which interviews multiple perspectives in depth, is for IDL Practitioners and those who want to do research.

There is also a series of videos on the various vital and exciting adjunct integral life practices of IDL: learning and transcending your life scripting, escaping the Drama Triangle in the Three Realms, recognizing and avoiding cognitive distortions, biases, and logical fallacies, goal setting, triangulation, assertiveness, pranayama, meditation, and setting intention.

For those who want more depth, all of this material is available in various books and also in written material on this website, and those who desire to become Coaches and Practitioners of IDL will want to supplement this video curricula with that in-depth written material.

IDL evolves. It is not like Athena, jumping full grown out of the head of Zeus. It is just a baby, meant to evolve as you internalize the foundation that has been laid and then improve upon it. But good improvisers build on a mastery of the basics. It is important for you to approach this yoga, or transpersonal discas seriously as you would the learning of any course of study leading to a life profession.

The concepts in this curricula are meant to be tested by you. For this yoga to be authentic to you these concepts and practices have to gain your trust, based on their applicability for your life and for addressing the very real and serious issues confronting those in your own sphere of influence. Therefore, approach it with an empirical mind set. Ask, “How and why is this true?” “How do I know that this really works?” “How do I verify my findings?” If you can answer positively such questions for yourself, you will become a good student, Coach, or Practitioner of IDL.




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