Integral Deep Listening

What Is Integral Deep Listening?

Integral Deep Listening (IDL) is a unique system of self-directed healing, balancing, and transformation that has evolved from 40 years of psychotherapy and personal exploration. It is integral in that it is multi-perspectival, meaning that it introduces you to multiple emerging potentials that are innate and unique to yourself that function like the pattern of an oak in an acorn to direct your life toward its fullest expression. It involves learning to listen to others, nature, and yourself at a depth that involves empathic mergence, unification, and transmutation. IDL is phenomenalistic, meaning that it lays aside as many scripted cultural assumptions and mental-emotional framings as possible in order to listen and hear in a deep and profound way. It is also experiential, meaning that it is a yoga and integral life practice to be lived rather than another form of cognitive multi-perspectivalism. IDL is for those who want to take their current level of life equilibrium to the next level of homeostasis. This is in contradistinction to attempt to race ahead in this or that mystical skill set, because to do so is to lose balance by running away from your authentic self, which is both here and nowhere.

Much more than an integral life practice to further personal lucidity and enlightenment, IDL has been successfully used to treat nightmares, anxiety disorders, phobias, depression physical illnesses, personal problems, relationship issues, and many other physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges. This is important, because while the flaw of Western psychology has been to dismiss transpersonal states, the flaw of both Eastern mystical traditions and spirituality in general has been to ignore or minimize the built-in and culturally-derived barriers to finding and living one’s authentic self. For IDL, this is more important than enlightenment, because many people experience enlightenment without authenticity and balance, but those who find their authentic self live in clarity, peace, and an empathetic global embrace regardless of their age, health, status, wealth, or talents.

Rather than imposing generic, external, one-size-fits-all philosophies and practices, IDL teaches children and adults to access and listen to their unique life compass. Specifically, IDL teaches a series of skills that deconstruct cultural and mental-emotional scripting while strengthening access to emerging potentials, clarity, empathy, and inner peace. In addition to naming meditation and pranayama, IDL uses dreams and current life issues in a dynamic system of interactive reinterpretation to reconnect you to your unique pathway of healing, balance and transformation.

If you are a person who is looking for tools to heal stubborn problems — or just want to radically improve your life — and would like to tap the innate wisdom of life to do so, IDL is worth your careful consideration.

Joseph Dillard, PhD., the creator of IDL, is available to teach you how to use this revolutionary system. He counsels people individually and also teaches his system to others who are interested in becoming IDL coaches and practitioners.

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