Before You Begin…

How to Approach Your Learning Experience

Healing, balancing, and transforming are exciting and fulfilling pursuits that give life new, deeper meaning, and direction. 

Developing powerful and effective tools for helping others heal, balance, and transform is one of the most rewarding investments of your time and energy that you will ever make.

We all have reasons why we stay stuck where we are. Meeting ourselves is rather like mountain climbing or other forms of adventuring: you want to know what challenges may arise, like weather, how to handle obstacles and naysayers you may meet along the way, and knowing your own limits.  You want to be prepared with proper clothes, supplies, maps, and protection, You need to be prepared to handle all of these challenges when undertaking a major adventure. Similarly, when undertaking a major transformational life study, you want to know what you’ll need and be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you are realistic in how you proceed.

In addition, major ventures into the unknown are best undertaken with capable companions and a skilled guide, and that’s how you will proceed with the Integral Deep Listening curriculum.

  • Are your goals for your training clear? What do you want to accomplish by studying the IDL Coaching Certification curriculum? Share your goals with a team supervisor when you register for the course here: click here
  • Are you ready to approach your learning experience as a yoga and integral life practice that you understand involves lifestyle change, patience, persistence, dealing with resistances as they come up, studying with a team, homework, and accountability?
  • You are able and willing to devote three hours a week to on line team meetings, emails, daily application, and interviewing?
  • If you have issues with confidentiality, know that it’s  not necessary to do on-line interviewing. You can do the program and never share interviews you do or share them with whom you wish.

Benefits of the IDL Curriculum

Become a certified coach

  This involves an estimated commitment of six months to a year.

Create a support community

   Friendships, a spiritual family, and a Sangha based on authenticity, intimacy, common intentions and a shared integral life practice.

Develop an internal support system

  Relationships and loved ones come and go from our lives. However, your intrasocial Sangha will be there when others aren’t. 

Make a difference with your life

  As you support others in overcoming obstacles to their healing, balancing, and transformation, you are supporting those aspects of yourself that they represent. You are helping others get clear so they can make the most of their lives. Can any life pursuit be more meaningful or important?

Learn effective therapeutic tools few therapists learn

  IDL consists of the best approaches to mental-emotional healing, balancing, and transformation I have found in fifty years of practice. You will skills that are compatible with whatever other approaches you are working with – shamanism, cognitive behavioral therapy, Hatha yoga, gestalt, Jungian…

It’s practical

  Healing, balancing, and transformation for yourself and others marketing yourself and creating income.

It’s interesting!

  You never know what is going to turn up in an interview.

It’s different!

  Interview mediated learning is something you won’t find in most courses of study.

It’s fun!

  You will learn surprising things from crazy sources, like characters from your dreams, imagination, and shamanic experiences.

It’s free!

  All that’s required is discipline, patience, and persistence

Learn effective listening skills

  Most people don’t listen; they are thinking about what they are going to say. They think they know what you are saying and so proceed in terms of their assumptions rather than actually listening. IDL teaches you to drop filters that keep you from hearing others and being in touch with who you really are.

Develop greater respect for just how amazing you really are

  Was your self-esteem stomped by your family scripting? Both interviewing and the Curriculum are designed to increase your self-esteem.

Develop empathy 

  By taking the perspectives of many different dream characters and personifications of life issues you develop the habit of getting out of your own way and taking the perspectives of others. 

Generate healing

  Helping others to access recommendations for addressing their life issues that are sensible and improve their lives is an extremely rewarding process.

Outgrow toxic family scripting

  Reverse the internalization of toxic messages, “conscience,” beliefs

Surface and defend yourself against social and cultural scripting

  We are all lost in groupthink based on shared assumptions of our families, culture, and society. These include nationalism, group exceptionalism, and a sense of who is “like us” and who is “different.” IDL accesses the common humanity of all people and the usefulness of all perspectives, even those we fear.

Outgrow toxic drama

  Moving out of the roles of Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer in the Drama Triangle is imperative if we are to experience peace of mind. 

Learn to recognize and eliminate self-defeating thoughts

  These include fear of failure; fear of rejection, emotional cognitive distortions, 

Recognize and avoid invitations into toxic drama

  Learn to not Rescue Victims or to pursue thoughts and behaviors that Rescue yourself

Eliminate nightmares

  …generally in one or two interviews

Eliminate repetitive dreams

  …generally in one or two interviews

Eliminate PTSD, phobias, anxiety disorders

  Generally in five or six interviews

Improve the destiny of children

  Why not discover one’s own unique self and life path as a child rather than wandering and wondering for years? Why not escape from childhood scripting and toxic self-talk early?

  Outgrow addiction to preferences

Generate life balance

  Unbalanced lives are stressful. Increase your physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, interior/exterior balance. As you learn and develop the components of balance your life will become more balanced.

Develop confidence and assertiveness

  Do you need more confidence and assertiveness? As you access and internalize perspectives that possess confidence and assertiveness you will grow in those competencies. 

Learn superior problem solving

  Called “triangulation”

Learn effective approaches to meditation

  Learn to name the contents of your awareness;  Learn to stop jumping between thoughts, feelings, sensations, imagery, and consciousness

Turn your breath into your best friend

  Learn the six parts of every breath and seven different ways to use each breath for balance and transformation

Learn to clarify and set intent

  Beneath your goals are the reasons you set your goals, why you are alive, where you derive meaning in your life. 

Align your priorities and goals with the priorities of your life compass

  Your life has deep and lasting meaning and value. When you discover and align yourself with innate and authentic priorities that wish to express themselves to you, you bring healing, balance, and transformation into your life.  

Replace the pursuit of phony, superficial transformation with genuine transformation

Access creativity

  Dreams are immensely creative: when you tap into them you tap into wellsprings of creativity

Access your authentic emerging potentials

  Both dreams and IDL interviewing in general access and amplify your emerging potentials

Some Characteristics IDL Attempts to Cultivate in its Students

To have others feel energized after being with you.

To have others experience you as:

Celebrating their successes

Remembering small things about you

Respecting your boundaries

Listening without being defensive

Allowing them to be fully themselves

Awakening their hopes and potentials

Making them feel safe

Supporting your goals

Having empathy

Being trustworthy

Being accepting


A partner in creative problem solving

Pointing you toward the sacredness of life

Supporting you in living in the present

Lifting you up when you fall

Respecting differences of opinion, worldview, and lifestyle

Questioning and challenging assumptions to generate clarity


For more information, contact While IDL does not accept advertising or sponsored postings, we gratefully accept donations of your time, expertise, or financial support.