Karen, an occupational therapist from southern Germany, had tinnitus, a loud buzzing in her ears, for as long as she could remember.

We talked to the tinnitus as if it were a character in a dream: Tinnitus, if you had a color, what would it be?


Black color, if you surrounded Karen and then condensed into a form, what shape would you take?

“I would be a barbed-wire fence encircling Karen.”

The barbed-wire fence said it was protective.  Its purpose was to keep Karen from hearing the abusive and demeaning insults of her family she had received all her life.

Barbed Wire, if you could turn into anything you wanted, would you? If so, what would you want to be?

“A Butterfly!”


“I don’t listen to any of it! All of that shit just passes through — none of it affects me! I’m FREE!”

The butterfly had a self-confidence that Karen had always lacked; by becoming the butterfly she was able to access that self-confidence as an emerging potential for her life.

Karen was amazed to discover that her tinnitus was gone! As the butterfly, she did not have to protect herself any longer!

A few weeks later, Karen reported that her tinnitus was much improved and with it, much of the sadness about her past had lifted.