Examples of IDL Interviewing

Mike was a student taking a course on IDL and Meditation. He was trying to find a broker to manage the five million dollars that he had accrued through his stock trading.  He didn’t know who to trust.  He found one fellow named Spencer that he liked but didn’t know if he should pay him to manage his money or not.

One night after class Mike had a lucid dream of three rocks in a garden. They were singing to him. To the tune of “Shine on, Harvest Moon”, they sang “Sign, sign on the dotted line.”

Mike was unsure what this dream was trying to tell him, so he applied what he had learned in class how to become dream characters using the IDL dream interviewing protocol.  He took the perspective of each rock in his interview.

Mike asked the first rock who it was. It said,  “I represent the solid foundation of your parents.”

The second rock said,  “I represent your grandparents.”

The third rock said,  “I represent your guides and guardians.”

Mike said, “If the three cornerstones of my life are telling me to do this, I need to do it.”

Mike gave Spencer his money to manage.

His portfolio at that time was five million. In a year it went up to six million.

Each successive year, Mike averaged a 17 percent return on his investment.

Mike said, “The best part was that with the interview, I immediately had peace of mind. I felt I was on track, that signing my money over to Spencer was what I needed to be doing.”

A thirty-nine year old woman worried that her biological clock was ticking, and very much wanted to get married. After attending an IDL dream incubation workshop, she dreamed she was in a wedding dress walking down the aisle of a church with a faceless groom. On the walls of the church, and on her dress and veil, there were countless spiders weaving webs. She woke up with an air of foreboding, wondering if she was fated to stay single.

Using IDL, her spiders were interviewed, with results that were amazing to her. They said, “You have been so focused on worrying about growing older and finding a mate that you have completely ignored what gives you the most joy and purpose — your inspirational art work. Forget about getting married and focus on that. Things will work out.”

The church and the webs were also interviewed. They supported the spiders in this change in her priorities.

About a year later, this young woman was engaged.  She said that she had followed the dream’s advice, changed her priorities, and thrown herself back into her spiritual art. By doing so she had placed priorities of her inner compass before her own. The result was that she got out of her own way and created a space in which her dreams could come true.

Karen, an occupational therapist from southern Germany, had tinnitus, a loud buzzing in her ears, for as long as she could remember.

We talked to the tinnitus as if it were a character in a dream: Tinnitus, if you had a color, what would it be?


Black color, if you surrounded Karen and then condensed into a form, what shape would you take?

“I would be a barbed-wire fence encircling Karen.”

The barbed-wire fence said it was protective.  Its purpose was to keep Karen from hearing the abusive and demeaning insults of her family she had received all her life.

Barbed Wire, if you could turn into anything you wanted, would you? If so, what would you want to be?

“A Butterfly!”


“I don’t listen to any of it! All of that shit just passes through — none of it affects me! I’m FREE!”

The butterfly had a self-confidence that Karen had always lacked; by becoming the butterfly she was able to access that self-confidence as an emerging potential for her life.

Karen was amazed to discover that her tinnitus was gone! As the butterfly, she did not have to protect herself any longer!

A few weeks later, Karen reported that her tinnitus was much improved and with it, much of the sadness about her past had lifted.

What had happened?

Karen had accessed a perspective that was not damaged like “she” was.

Her ability to stay in that perspective, and not revert back to her normal, habitual, scripted, “damaged” self, was dependent on her ability to remember to become and experience herself as the butterfly.

IDL makes no claims that you will achieve similar results. What it does promise is that by using IDL methods to interview dreams and life issues, you will grow in core qualities of enlightenment that will make it more likely that the pieces of your life will fall into place.

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