Support and Accountability


Because you are stuck in the inertia of your beliefs, worldview, and daily life, you need two support communities, an internal one, called your “internal Sangha,” which is made up of your interviewed emerging potentials, and an “external Sangha,” which is made up of those who support your purposes and development. While ideally any and everyone can be a member of your external sangha, you are wise to create a support system of those who understand why and how to interview dream characters and the personifications of their life issues, who seek to extract themselves from the Drama Triangle and their cognitive distortions, to meditate, and to create and follow an integral life practice. You will either create and surround yourself with a culture of like-minded thinkers or those around you will create your reality. Those around you will either support you in living your dream or you will end up living theirs. If there is no one you know who is familiar with IDL, join Friends of IDL on Facebook and make connections in that community to help you become lucid, awake, and enlightened.

Because Integral Deep Listening is about keeping you listening to and applying the recommendations of a diverse group of your own emerging potentials, other students and Practitioners of IDL will not keep you stuck in one more limited system of belief. Their job is to help you to be true to yourself and to your inner compass, not to IDL or to one particular way of viewing life. This is a very rare and beautiful gift: to have the support and accountability of others who want nothing from you except to help you to become the best that you can be. Such support is priceless. It is important that you treat it with respect and demonstrate that you value it by taking your homework seriously, by keeping your meeting times, and by bartering or paying for the support you receive. By doing so you honor the parts of yourself that your IDL support system represents. You will grow quicker if you interview others, particularly children, and teach them to interview themselves.

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