Familial Scripting and Relationship Issues

For Beginners:

Carrying Cow Pies

Parable of the Chicken

There’s No Place Like Home

Live Life as a Gummy Bear!

Overcoming a Really Crappy Childhood

The Devil on Your Shoulder

Don’t Let Yourself be Cowed!

Getting Your Life Back on Track

An Ocean Teaches Tender Compassion

For Coaches:

Recognizing, Revising, and Integrating Your Life Scripts (Videos)

Escaping Old Feelings of Childhood Neglect

Freedom from Childhood Scripting Using IDL

Turning Life Script Nightmares into Hopes Come True

Dayo and Stardancer Help with Divorce

Healing a Relationship with a Dead Mother

Kids, Divorce, and Anger

Helping Children Find and Follow Their Life Compass

Moving Out (Leaving home)

Helping Young Adults with IDL (A motivational Raven)

A Haunting Mother Returns from the Dead


Dealing with abuse in love relationships

Dealing with Jealousy, Possessiveness, and Fear of Abandonment

Learning to Stop Reacting and Control Your Temper

Move Toward What You Don’t Like

Awakening the Oak Within (Overcoming family scripting)

For Practitioners:

Transforming Early Childhood Wounding with IDL

Moving Out of the Shadow of Childhood Abuse

Sacrificing a Bull Woman to Public Opinion (How childhood scripting can cause a lifetime of regret)

Current Events and Personal Development

Distant Family: Bridging the Gulf

Psychopathology and Integral Deep Listening

Bulimia, Eating Disorders, Self-Criticism, and IDL

A New Model for the Treatment of Addiction

Interviewing a Ming Vase (An example of reading back an interview)

Extraterrestrials Offer Salvation

For Trainers:

A NDE (Near Death Experience) Memory Helps a Survivor of Childhood Abuse

Empathy and Compassion – An important Distinction

A Parent-Child Dilemma

A Big Ray Teaches How to Grow Old Together Gracefully

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