“I want to thank you! I have been in a terror attack 9 years ago, and since then I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. For eight years I had nightmares every night. Usually I had at least four or five nightmares per night. I hardly slept and I felt horrible. I read your Free- nightmare- E- Book. For 2 months I interviewed a dream every night. The nightmares stopped. Then for a while they would come back every few weeks, so I interviewed dreams only when I had a nightmare. In the past four months I have had no nightmares at all! In fact I sleep well, have normal dreams, and wake up refreshed. After so many years of horrible nights, it feels like heaven! It’s just amazing.”

“Joseph Dillard is a master therapist, teacher, and coach. I had been suffering from recurrent dreams and nightmares for over 25 years and went to Joseph for help. His Integral Deep Listening process helped me to recognize that the “characters” in my dreams were created by me, and that I could, through his guidance and process, “interview” them, hear their answers, and dispel the fear I had of them. I realized that I was creating the same fear in my waking life that I was creating in my dream life. With Joseph’s help I woke up to this dysfunctional activity and began to change my relationship with these different parts of myself. I experienced a dramatic change within a month of working with Joseph. Joseph is patient, compassionate, and caring. I highly recommend his amazing process.”

“Integral Deep Listening helped me to get to know myself on a deeper level. It helped me to look at some issues in my life from a higher perspective and enabled me to get in touch with the aspects of myself that I have been suppressing before. This way, I was able to find out what these aspects have to say to me. I have learnt, that I can work with the feeling which remains after a dream and that I can transform a negative post dream feeling into a positive one. I feel lot lighter now and feel like I have more energy. I found out that there are aspects of myself that know more then I have thought I know. The only thing it requires is to open up, listen and accept. It seems to me that this process has helped me to break up some of my boundaries and I was able to find out that sometimes things can look very different as they really are.”

“Ending Nightmares for Good… is fantastic! I was easily drawn into the information and found it helpful. When you are a parent (as you know), it’s so easy to focus so intensely on the problem or issue at hand, that you can’t look beyond the obvious for possible solutions, and I think this will really give parents something beyond the obvious, something they have not tried, which is what so many parents desperately need when they are at a loss for how to help their children through something like this. You laid it out very well and gave all the tools needed.”  

“Dr. Dillard – I think that you have developed one of the most fantastic programs, it never ceases to amaze me what comes out of peoples mouths.  What a wonderful way to communicate with your higher self when you can’t find your way in this world.  If only parents could learn this and work with their children – what a different world we would have.” 

“Your work really has had an incredible impact on my life.   I have been going through a very intense and challenging personal situation. Thanks to my ability to access my (emerging potentials) I have been able to maintain my equilibrium.  More importantly,  I have been able to digest and assimilate the life lesson with ease and allow this experience to encourage personal growth in a new and more peaceful way.  I wish I could effectively express my gratitude and my passion for this work.  It is truly a life changing gift you are presenting to your students and clients.”

“Dr. Dillard – I think that you have developed one of the most fantastic programs, it never ceases to amaze me what comes out of peoples mouths.  What a wonderful way to communicate with your higher self when you can’t find your way in this world.  If only parents could learn this and work with their children – what a different world we would have.”

“Wow, am I glad I took your classes…it works so well with those suffering from PTSD and especially if they have a problem disassociating from their bodies. My room mate was in a crisis yesterday. I didn’t know what to do to help her get over what happened to her. Didn’t know she has had a problem disassociating most of her life. She told me there was this thing inside her in her gut and she wanted to know what it was. I asked her to describe it. She said it was just there pushing at her like a wall. I asked her to give it a color, she said it was black with gold and silver at the top. I asked her to see this wall between us and to see it getting smaller and becoming something else. I then asked her what it became. She said a beautiful glass globe about the size of a cantalope. When I spoke to the globe it told me that it did not like how hard it was so I asked it what it would like to be if it could be anything. It said it would rather be sprinkles of fairy dust. It also said it was there to remind dreamer who she really was. I have never done this technique on someone and actually see the shift happen!!!!! It truly helped her get out of the fight or flight mode. She doesn’t have insurance and has seen so many doctors and has taken so many classes…she was so surprised at how better she felt with me doing that.”

“My fear and anxiety are challenging to let go of. Some interesting stuff is going on with sleep and dreaming: [Since I have learned Integral Deep Listening,] I am now able to catch myself falling asleep and falling into drama scenes and pull myself out before they go on too long, and try to redirect myself to positive and peaceful scenes.”

“I lived in Berlin from April 2011-August 2012 while working on research for my dissertation, and I was suffering with similar problems that your friend is dealing with:  anxiety, depression, and generally feeling “stuck” in my life problems.  [Integral Deep Listening] has changed my life; I have been a happier, more confident, and more content person ever since.  I’ve been so happy with the work I did with Joseph that I have recommended four of my friends to work with him, and they have all had similar positive things to say and have made some wonderful changes in their lives since then.

I had worked with therapists in the past, had gotten a little better, only to fall back into depression again because I did not feel like I had the right tools to help me stay afloat when life got rough. What I found was different about working with Joseph was that his methods really focus on helping you learn to help yourself, so that you really take charge of your own happiness and life direction and find out who you really are and what you want to do in life.  

Joseph is American, in his early 60s, and originally from Arkansas, so he has a goofy Southern charm and is very down to earth.  He’s also got a PhD in Psychology and a degree in Eastern Religions and practiced as a psychologist for decades in the US before relocating to Berlin, so he combines some very mainstream and effective tools from western psychology with methods from eastern traditions, including mindfulness and meditation.  I am not a “new agey” person by nature, so I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the “feel good” message at first, but now I can say with confidence that working with Joseph that his methods work, and that they work especially well for smart, independent thinkers.”

“When I would have the deep lucid dreams in my past the changes were more than just rational thought processes they were emotionally powerful .when I took your course I realized that what I could do was use your material as an adjunct to what I already knew how to do. And used it I did in one of the most life changing decisions of my life.

For me the realization that you can ask the characters in a dream who they are and they would answer was very revealing , once I realized what was possible then there is no need to imagine or remember a dream, I am in the dream in real time.

Doing IDL while in a lucid dream is similar to adding a  jet engine to a small propeller plane. I Learned  how to make the two adapt to each other and the results were phenomenal ,done in the real time of a dream , there are far fewer questions  or need of rating systems since all that is self evident , like driving  fast and having a feel for the power and flexibility of the car , the  instruments can be useful but they are often superfluous. All this emotionally moves much faster and more powerfully than the rational mind comprehends ,the  need to  explore the characters is reduced because the absolute truth of my own being is what they express ,with their every word doubt is banished.

It is a powerful epiphany when they are combined  and applied .”

“I have long been wary of the seduction of lucid dreaming for one simple reason: the dream is a daily miracle (to say nothing of being a universal language), which contains wisdom for the dreamer in his/her life at the time s/he needs it. That is, if one wishes to know such wisdom. Lucid dreamers, who wish to change the dream in any way BEFORE giving the dream the respect it deserves, as your methodology clearly does, generally miss greater opportunities for growth and development by allowing their ego selves to ignore its message and make premature and unwise changes. I have been a long admirer of Dream Yoga, my friend, and bless you for introducing it to me and others.”

“I just wanted to share with you how amazing tonight’s class was.  This was a profound session, it really was.  I have never felt so one with the divine in my life as I did tonight.  I felt like God Himself was talking to me/through me.  Like I said it was as if I was not speaking. And the words, they came out of my mouth with such confidence and such poise.  They were not concerned with what anyone thought, or if it sounded good or bad or anything, they just flowed.  My mind did not think them, that was weird for me.  My brain was completely bypassed, and it was ok, I did not mind or care. Talked about seeing the whole picture in life not concentrating and getting stuck in the details.  This is so true.  I see one thing and construct my reality around that single thought.  This is so twisted, so far from what is really happening too.  I can think of instances where this was the case and to look back and see the whole picture and seeing where I was stuck.  It reminds me of a puzzle, and on this puzzle is a picture of the ocean.  I see this one piece, it’s a beautiful Angelfish!  I then own this piece and think, “this is the ocean, just a beautiful, calm serene, peaceful place where these tame little angelfish reside”  this becomes my ocean!  Then one day I go into the ocean and get my leg bitten off by a shark.  Wow!  That was a surprise, was I ever wrong about the ocean!  If I would have taken a minute to put all of the pieces in front of me I would have seen the whole ocean!  The Angelfish, as well as the manta ray  and the shark , the coral, the sponge, the algae, the moss, the jellyfish, the whales, and everything else.  Now I have the tools to make a better decision about whether I want to swim in this ocean.  Plus, look at how beautiful all of these things are, there is so much more going on than I thought before, there is so much more to see and feel.  Was I ever wrong about the ocean.  Then there is even more, I can take it a step further, and see the beach, sky and waves.  This is all potential.  Now I not only see the ocean ( life / situations ) for what is really there, but I have the ability to see what can be there if I allow it to be, what even better can I create / manifest.  This is the infinite, the ocean is only so big, but ether is all.  How sad that I have been residing on that one little Angelfish this whole time, not even thinking about the shark, the sea shells, or the universe which it all is.  It is so empowering to have this pointed out to me.  This is what my character stirred in my consciousness.  I really feel that we totally connected with a part of me that is pure divinity, pure light, the very core of my core self.  Like you said it is very distant, this feels soooo deep within me but now I feel like it is still here.  I have had this sense of connectedness and that something more is with me all night.  I think that in my meditation I can use this character, I can become it and witness my life and see more and get answers.  I am just blown away Dr. Dillard!!!!!!!!!  I really am.  Thank you for your class!”

“Integral Deep Listening von Dr. Joseph Dillard hat mein Leben positiv verändert. Ich bin sooo dankbar für diese tolle Arbeit. Ich habe dadurch einen Weg gefunden mit meiner Seele bis aufs tiefste zu kommunizieren. Wundervoll – Einzigartig – Heilsam”


Have you had an experience with Integral Deep Listening, either an interview of a dream or a life issue that you have done for yourself or someone else, or that someone has guided you through, that has produced changes you would like others to know about? If so, please write us and let us know!

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