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Integral Deep Listening is a yoga like bhakti (devotional) yoga, dharma (work) yoga, jnana (meditation) yoga, or hatha (posture) yoga. A yoga is any discipline whose purpose is oneness with the divine. Dream interpretation is not a yoga, although it attempts to discover meaning in life. Therefore, if you approach Integral Deep Listening as a form of dream interpretation or life interpretation, you’re missing the point. The purpose of IDL is the healing, balancing, and transformation of your life. It does so by slowly and naturally showing you how to wake up out of your current self-created, delusional state. You do so by experiencing aspects of yourself that are more awake than you are and that personify your awake, potential self.

Such experiences require application.

They require making a commitment to work with IDL as an integral life practice.

They require an ongoing commitment to follow a sampling of the many pertinent recommendations that your interviewed self-aspects will give you to help you get you unstuck and moving forward at a natural but quicker pace.

They require the support and direction of one or more people who understand the process and can act as sources of support, accountability, and motivation for you.

This is why we train IDL Practitioners.

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