Interviewing 104: On-Line Interviewing


On-line interviewing formats for interviewing both single and multiple characters (Dream Sociometry) from dreams or life issues are available at IntegralDeepListening.Com. 


  • Questions are provided so that you or your students need only type or speak your answers to have them recorded in the on-line interviewing protocols. At the date of this writing, speaking requires editing. The result is that interviewing is quicker and easier, particularly for Dream Sociometry.
  • You and your students also have access to explanations of each question and the ability to add further comments to answers. 
  • When the interview is completed, a PDF can be generated for your own reference or to send to your student. 
  • It is easy to lose track of who and what you have interviewed and its relevance for your life. It is as if we have mined for gold, held it in our hands, admired it, then buried it again! The on-line interviewing format provides a quick and easy way to access past interviews. 


  • To keep track of your interviews, including locating them by the name you give them, date, character interviewed, and recommendations made. 
  • To have a record of the interviews of those you coach or counsel, so that you can ask previously interviewed characters for their feedback on the progress of students and to reconnect your students with the recommendations that previously interviewed characters have made.
  • For research. Research establishes the credibility of the method by showing its impact on various sorts of conditions, including anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, depression, interpersonal issues, self-esteem, procrastination, gender issues, loneliness, and personality disorders. The Trainer IDL certification involves student teams co-authoring research to be published in professional journals in order to make both the method and its application known to professional audiences that are in a position to learn, apply, and conduct further research. Therefore, the research function of interviewing is important, and on-line interviewing provides a body of data that student teams can use as a foundation for their research of the method. 


  When you or your student signs up for on-line interviewing you give your consent for your interviews to be used for research purposes. Naturally, this raises questions about confidentiality, since interviews are highly personal. Who is going to have access to the information? How do can one know that it will not be misused? On-line interviewing is optional. No student of IDL is required to use it. If you use on-line interviewing to interview someone who is not a student of IDL, ask them if they want to use their name, a pseudonym or prefer not to have an on-line interview. Please feel free to sign yourself or your student up anonymously, under some name that will be easy for you to remember. It is not important that administrators of the platform know who you are in order to use your interviews or those of your students for research purposes. What is important is for you and your students to keep the same pseudonym or name, since change over time for the same individual will be important for research purposes.  While hacking of information is never an impossibility, the type of information collected at this site is likely to be of little interest or monetary value to hackers. Therefore, the risk of your information being hacked and compromised is very low.  Also, it is helpful to put risk and vulnerability into context. Social media not only has permission to sell any and all information about us and our interests to advertisers. Both the risk and vulnerability that we encounter by using social media is much greater than anything associated with IDL interviewing. 

Signing Up

When you sign up you will receive the following email: Dear ______, Thank you for registering to enjoy the Integral Deep Listening On-Line Interviewing process! You will find here easy templates for interviewing single and multiple characters from dreams, nightmares, life issues, anxiety attacks, family dramas and tragedies, and special assistance for dealing with interviewing children and addressing physical conditions like migraine headaches, back pain, and the emotional suffering that often accompanies chronic disease. While IDL makes no health claims and is not a treatment modality, it has been shown to be highly effective in reframing how we experience our life issues in ways that make them more manageable and less of a hindrance to a happy, productive life. When you click on the link below your registration will be activated and you will be redirected to our log-in page. Your username is: ______ Your password is: ______ Once you log in with your user name and password, you will be asked to give your consent for interviews to be anonymously used for research and you will be able to update your information as well. Prior to engaging with the IDL process, please visit  You are now a member of our research team! We welcome you into our global IDL family! If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

What to Interview

In the on-line interviewing format you have the ability to interview individual dream elements or personifications of life issues, as well as multiple dream or life issue elements in the Dream Sociometric format.


In your main interviewing window, or that of your student, you will see a list of your recent single element interviews and recent Dream Sociomatrices. You will also see your answers to the interviewing question regarding in what life situations it is most beneficial to imagine that you are the interviewed character and take on its perspective, worldview, preferences, and motivations. This is to help you remember this aspect of the application of character recommendations, which is an important way that you test their relevance and usefulness in your life in addressing your life issues.  You can also search both individual and multiple character interviews. To the left, in the green menus, “Before You Begin” links you to three simple pre-tests, for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (if you have nightmares encroaching into your waking life)  to help you determine as to whether IDL interviewing makes a difference in your life. “Sociometry Q&A” provides background information about the multiple character interviewing protocol. “Student Questions” provides answers to a variety of common questions that come up regarding on-line interviewing. “Student Sociomatrices” will take you to the interviews of your students. (Dee: this should probably be re-named “Student interviews,” as single character interviews are not dream sociometry. In fact, it should be called “Integral Deep Listening Interviewing Desktop,” “Student Interviews” instead of “Student Sociometrices,”  “Interviewing Q&A” instead of “Sociometry Q&A,” “Student Interviews” instead of “Student Sociometrices,” again.)  

Accessing PDFs

Under the title and identification information of every interview you will find, written in green, “Link to share this report with a trusted other.” When you have finished the interview, click on this link to generate a PDF of the interview.

Assignments and Homework 


Under “Essays and Interviews,”  read:


In the IDL video curricula, watch: Getting Started With IDL On Line Interviewing IDL online interviewing is fun, easy, effective, and highly useful. IDL interviewing has proven effective at reducing fear, worry, anxiety, nightmares, phobias, symptoms of PTSD, and building stronger relationships. It’s fun to interview your dream characters and those of your children and friends, and you will share the fun and growth when they interview you as well. It’s easy to do online interviewing because all you have to do is write the answers the interviewed characters give to the questions in the interviewing protocol. Similarities and Differences from the Dream Interviewing Protocol Interviewing personifications of life issues that are important to you or your subject is basically the same as explained in the series of videos on interviewing dream characters. The main difference in the protocol is in how the characters are generated. This video explains the reasoning behind the creation of these interviewed perspectives.

Quizlet Self-Tests

(Add your own study sets)


Trade on-line single character interviews of both dreams and life issues with one or more partner once a week. Interview someone else in the on-line single character interviewing format at least twice. Have others you have interviewed interview you using the on-line single character interviewing format at least twice. Take a look at the Dream Sociometry multiple character interviewing format. If you feel brave, crazy, or just want to anticipate what is in store in the Practitioner and Trainer Certification interviewing formats, feel free to dive in! Submit your written interviews to your supervising team member. To have your interviews automatically created for you, use the on-line interviewing format on this site.


  1. Write down your answers to the following questions.
  2. Share your answers with your other study team members.
  3. Discuss.
  4. Submit your written answers.

What are some of the advantages of on-line interviewing? What are the purposes of on-line interviewing? How does IDL deal with confidentiality? How do you sign up for on-line interviewing? How do you navigate the on-line interviewing sites and access PDFs of interviews? How would you rate the usefulness of this unit 0-10? Why? How can it be improved? Meet with your team at least once a week.

Setting Intent

What do you want to take away from this unit to improve your life?

How would you like it to influence your dreams tonight?

How can you format that as a statement of intention to read over to remind yourself, before you go to sleep, to incubate in your dreams tonight?

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