Dream Yoga

Joseph Dillard

This book is dedicated to

the enlightenment of all mankind

The cover:

Le Faux Miroir, Rene Magritte

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1. What is a Dream Yoga?

2. What is Tibetan Dream Yoga?

3. What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Integral Deep Listening?

Comparing/Contrasting IDL and Wilber’s AQAL

Dream Yoga and the Phenomenological Perspective

Dream Epistemology

Comparing/Contrasting IDL and Tibetan Dream Yoga

Comparing/Contrasting IDL and Lucid Dreaming

Some Challenges to Common Assumptions about Lucid Dreaming

Comparing/Contrasting IDL and Gestalt

Comparing/Contrasting IDL and Jung

How to Learn Integral Deep Listening

Appendix: IDL Interviewing Instructions

About the Author

Copyright 2003 Joseph Dillard

Deep Listening Publishing, Phoenix, Berlin

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