IDL and Meditation


Integral Deep Listening

and Meditation

Joseph Dillard

Dedicated to your non-dual inner teachers who are watching you in a perfect meditative state at this moment.

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1. Meditation and Integral Deep Listening: A Powerful Combination!

2. Why Meditate?

3. Meditating Using Integral Deep Listening: A Transpersonal Practice

Wakefulness and Confidence

Aliveness and Compassion

Balance and Wisdom

Detachment and Acceptance

Freedom and Inner Peace

9. Clarity and Witnessing

10. Integral Deep Listening, Meditation, and the Drama Triangle

11. Meditative Consciousness as a Lifestyle


Appendix I: The Thirty-Six Perceptual Stances

Appendix II: Thirty-Six Core Values

Appendix III: A Statement of Purpose

Appendix IV: How Do I Learn Integral Deep Listening?

Appendix V: Practitioner Certification in Integral Deep Listening

Appendix VI: Integral Deep Listening Interviewing Instructions

Appendix VII: Weekly Sangha Identification Log

Appendix VIII: About the Author


• Learn more about the various benefits of meditation in order to increase your motivation to meditate.

• Learn tools to use when you meditate to enhance the quality of your meditation.

• Be able to explain how meditation enhances your practice of Integral Deep Listening as well as your life in general.

• Increase the quantity and quality of your meditation as an aid to your development and your practice of Integral Deep Listening.

• Understand how Integral Deep Listening can contribute to the quality of your meditations and continuous balanced spiritual development.

© Joseph Dillard, 2003

Deep Listening Press, Phoenix, Arizona


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