IDL Interviewing Techniques

Dream Guide

Integral Deep Listening

Interviewing Techniques

Joseph Dillard

Dedicated to the cultivation of deep listening in families, couples, children, leaders, and governments.

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1. Goals of character interviewing

2. Setting realistic expectations

3. Identifying life issues

4. Choosing a target experience

5. Disclosing the dreamer’s interpretations and projections

6. Listing the characters.

7. Guidelines for interviewing characters

8. Getting into role

9. Neutralizing Issues with Character Strengths and Limitations

10. Dream changes as life changes

11. Personification

12. Changing waking life

13. Recommendations for dealing with life issues.

14. Waking identifications

15. Purpose of the dream

16. Scoring self-aspects

17. The Student Summary

18. Reading back the interview

19. Life Integration

20. Summary Questions


Appendix I: A Statement of Purpose

Appendix II: How Do I Learn Integral Deep Listening?

Appendix III: Practitioner Certification in IDL

Appendix IV: Dream Yoga Interviewing Instructions

Appendix V: Weekly Sangha Identification Log

Appendix VI: About the Author


• Explain to a dreamer the goals of Integral Deep Listening Interviewing.

• Understand why each question is asked and the intent of each part of the process.

• Know how to choose what self-aspect to interview.

• Know how to support role identification.

• Support ownership of soul perspectives by the dreamer.

• Become familiar with strategies for stabilizing ongoing waking identification with transpersonal perspectives

Integral Deep Listening

Interviewing Techniques

Joseph Dillard


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