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Joseph Dillard

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Personifications of the Master Healer

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How do you learn Integral Deep Listening?



1. Overview of Integral Deep Listening in a Practice

2. What is Adequate Functioning?

3. An Integral Model of Helping

4. Understanding the Needs of Your Client

5. Building Your Practice

6. Common Practitioner Challenges

7. Becoming an Practitioner

8. Building Your Sangha

9. Teaching

Appendix I: Integral Deep Listening Interviewing Instructions

Appendix II: Explanation of the Integral Deep Listening Certificate of Excellence Program

Appendix III: Example of a Manipulated Interview


When you have completed this text you should be able to:

• Differentiate among various forms of coaching and counseling and discriminate the role of a Integral Deep Listening Practitioner from those of other helping professionals.

• Be able to gather appropriate information to understand the needs of your clients and talk knowledgeably and confidently about her treatment with other helping professionals, as requested by your client.

• Know when, how, and to whom to refer a client.

• Understand how to get a “second opinion” from the soul of the client and how to triangulate the agendas of you, the Practitioner, your client, and her soul.

• Understand the significance and importance of resistance and how to handle it.

• Understand the basics of setting up and managing a practice as well as identify some resources that will help you to build your practice.

• Know how to make a presentation to the general public

© 2004 Joseph Dillard

Deep Listening Press, Phoenix, Arizona


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