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“IDL” stands for “Integral Deep Listening.” IDL is a type of dream yoga that notes the dreamlike nature of life and emphasizes lucidity in whatever state of consciousness you happen to be in at the moment. If you are a lucid dreamer, what you perceive in your lucid dreams depends on your waking level of lucidity, because that is the “self” that perceives your lucid dreams. If you want to be lucid in your lucid dreams, you need to wake up or enlighten your waking sense of who you are. The key to meaningful lucid dreaming and lucid deep sleep, or nidra yoga, is lucid living, or learning to wake up in this moment, in your waking life. The degree of wakefulness of your ordinary, everyday mind determines the clarity of your consciousness in all other states, including hypnotic, shamanic, mystical, near death experiences, and life after death.

There currently exist many excellent tools for lucid dreaming as well as instruction in nidra yoga. For more on lucid dreaming, see…/…/lucid-dreaming. For more on nidra yoga, see…/. Many tools for lucid dreaming can be found at DreamYoga.Com. If you want to learn lucid dreaming or lucid deep sleep, pursue such resources.

The purpose of IDL is broader. It is designed to support an integral approach to increasing your lucidity in any and all states. Your childhood scripting, culture and worldview is a form of delusional groupthink. The good news is that you can wake up out of it and create a culture of friends and associates who are committed to doing the same. It is more important now than ever that we learn to do so and teach those around us, particularly children, how to find and follow their life compass. IDL is committed to teaching not only spiritual seekers but children and their caregivers, fun and simple tools for transforming the world one person at a time, through increasing personal wakefulness and enlightenment. A general introduction to IDL can be found at:…/

What can IDL do for you? In addition to enhancing your lucidity in any state of consciousness, it eliminates most nightmares, including ones that have repeated for years, with only one interview. Nightmares related to PTSD require more integral deep listening, but they too respond well. IDL has created a fun app for Android and Apple phones and tablets called “End Nightmares Forever!” More information can be found at….

To the extent your waking life contains “bad dreams” or “nightmares,” IDL can turn them into meaningful, productive parts of your life that take your development to the next level. It does so with powerful tools that eliminate emotional and cognitive filtering that block clarity while increasing your ability to experience broader and deeper forms of awareness. As you become more lucid, you gain the ability to help others to do so as well; as you help others to do so, you increase your own clarity, both awake and dreaming.
This is why IDL offers a program leading to a Certificate in IDL Coaching: as you help others learn to wake up, you speed your own enlightenment. (For more on that program, see:

IDL enhances your lucidity in any state, regardless of the tools you use, in two ways, by reducing your barriers to enlightenment and enhancing your capacity to experience it.
Your emotional and cognitive filters keep you from waking up, going lucid and experiencing enlightenment whether awake, asleep, lucid dreaming or in an altered state of consciousness, such as a mystical, near death, hypnotic, or shamanic state. IDL minimizes filtering by offering transformational tools in these different areas:
• Waking up out of your current worldview or script. The unquestioned assumptions you hold out of your awareness limit who you are, what you perceive, and how you interact with your waking, dream, and mystical worlds. IDL helps you to become aware of them and to discard the ones that no longer work for you.
• Drama in your life is what Hinduism and Buddhism call avidya and Buddhism calls dukkha. IDL teaches you how to wake up out of the Drama Triangle in the three realms of waking, cognition, and dreaming.
• Your cognitive distortions generate delusion, dream, and nightmare in ways that are typically out of your awareness. Recognizing and eliminating your cognitive distortions in the three domains of emotion, reason, and worldview is a powerful tool for eliminating barriers to lucidity. These tools and how to apply them in your life are described in Waking Up.

IDL amplifies your lucidity by providing transformational tools in these important areas:
• Interviewing dream characters and the personifications of life issues that are important to you. Repeatedly taking on such perspectives expands your consciousness, sense of self, and capacity for lucidity. You move from a psychologically geocentric to a multi-perspectival and transpersonal worldview. Collectively, interviewed dream and life issue elements are called “emerging potentials.” Examples of these interviews are posted on Friends of IDL and can also be found in the blog section of IntegralDeepListening.Com.
• IDL will teach you to apply recommendations from your IDL interviews. This speeds your own development while allowing you to test the efficacy of IDL for yourself in your own life.
• IDL also expands your lucidity by teaching meditation tools that focus on clear, stable awareness during everyday activities, when and where you need them. These emphasize naming the contents of your awareness and sophisticated tools of pranayama, or observation of your breathing.
• IDL assumes and teaches an integral worldview, in particular Wilber’s AQAL, in order to create a perceptual context that allows you to perceive in waking, dream, and mystical states in a more lucid, awake, and enlightened way. For more on IDL and integral, see…/ as well as…/

• IDL also increases clarity by improving problem solving ability by teaching a decision-making tool called “triangulation,” also discussed in Waking Up.

As you reduce the multiple filters that distort your perception while increasing the clarity of your vision, you will expand your consciousness, becoming more lucid, awake, clear, and enlightened in your waking life. This will carry over as less drama and more clarity in your dreams, as more helpful and transformational lucid dreams, an increased ability to use your lucid dreams to further your development and those of others, and greater clarity in deep sleep. We invite your questions and are honored by your contributions to our common enterprise: the enlightenment of the consciousness of humanity.


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