What is Your Inner Compass?


Your inner compass is represented by the consensus priorities for your life as expressed by those interviewed emerging potentials that consistently score high in the six core qualities associated with waking up, or enlightenment. These are confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing.

Notice that this is an operationally defined definition. It is not nebulous, mystical, or vague. It is empirically verifiable, providing you with both a standard and means by which you can know how much and in what ways your life is and is not in alignment with your inner compass.

For Integral Deep Listening, your inner compass is not your soul, spirit, intuition, conscience, higher self, the divine within, dharma, destiny, fate, the transpersonal, or God. It is an unfolding manifestation of life that has very little, if anything, to do with you. You are a placeholder, a mirror through which life is awakening to itself. Life is about life; it is not about you, your wishes, fears, and needs. After all, these are transient and impermanent. You and I will be gone soon enough. In the meantime, as you grow, those things that are central to you today will give way to broader, more inclusive recognitions of what life is all about.

Your inner compass is not “yours.” It belongs to all the perspectives that exist in a holographic kosmos, in which every point is the center of reality and a wormhole to all other parts.

Your inner compass has nothing to do with the internalized, scripted value systems and concepts that are central to how you define yourself and life’s meaning. While it does not exist to validate any of those, it readily supports any and all of your behaviors, ideas, and emotions that are in alignment and supportive of its priorities.

The more that you do Integral Deep Listening interviews and practice the integral dream yoga of applying the resulting recommendations that you find valuable in your daily life, the more you come into balance, the more profoundly your life reflects the priorities of your inner compass, and the more you get out of your own way and enhance the unfolding of your own development.


Does this definition of inner compass make sense to you?

Are you able to differentiate it from conscience, intuition, higher self, God, etc.?

If so, how? If not, why not?

You can interview characters from dreams of your choice to access their perspective on your inner compass by using the  protocol found here.

You can interview the personifications of life issues of importance to you to access their perspective on your inner compass by using the  protocol found here.

If you do such an interview, please share it with us! If you need help with the interview, please contact me at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com

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