Who Is Dr. Joseph Dillard?

Dr. Joseph Dillard is a psychotherapist with over forty year’s clinical experience treating individual, couple, and family issues. Dr. Dillard also has extensive experience with pain management and meditation training.  The creator of Integral Deep Listening (IDL), Dr. Dillard is the author of over ten books on IDL, dreaming, nightmares, and meditation.

Dr. Dillard received his Master’s in clinical social work from the University of Arkansas in 1979 and his PhD in Holistic Health Sciences/Health Education from Columbia Pacific University in 1981. Dr. Dillard has received specialized training in psychodrama, Perl’s Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Reality Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He has directed two multi-disciplinary pain-management programs. In a broad-based private practice since 1985, Dr. Dillard has treated anxiety, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, couples and parent-child issues, and personal development issues.

Dr. Dillard lives in Berlin with his wife Claudia, who is a German naturopath and art therapist. Together they provide joint therapy to German speakers as well as group excursions to Bimini, Bahamas, to free dive with wild dolphins, rays, and sharks. Their Bimini excursions incorporate IDL principles and practices.  For more on transformative experiences with wild dolphins, go here.

For Dr. Dillard’s full biography, go here.

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