A Party for Three Billionaire Musicians.



A Party for Three Billionaire Musicians


I am at a big party for three billionaire musicians in New York City.  They are unknown but rich.  The third one is possibly not even alive.  Are the other two twins?  I am looking at a newspaper headline about it.  Interesting.



Preference Predictions

Most Accepting Character:  Dream Self

Least Accepting Character: None

Most Preferred Character: Musicians

Most Rejected Character: none

Most Preferred Action:  rich

Most Rejected Action:  none

Most Preferred Feeling:  interest

Most Rejected Feeling: none

Synergistic pattern.


Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self   I am interested in these unknown but respected people.  I like the party.  New York City has potential and opportunity.

Partygoers  We would like to know more about these guys.

Musicians   We enjoy this party, being rich, and the attention given to us.

New York City: I am a great place to be if you have a lot of money and success.

Comment:   I like this dream because I am rich and successful (by association).  Interestingly, I don’t have any musical ability – but I do have a great appreciation for music of all sorts.   An internal harmony is successfully established.   There are hidden characters in the wording of this dream.  “Big party” is an action; the character is “Partygoers.”  “Two twins” is a thought about the  Musicians.   Thoughts get few or no preferences:  “not alive?” “two twins?”, “news headline.”

Waking Commentary

Musicians:  Read over the dream some.

Action Plan

                                      M          T           W         TH          F          S          S

read over dream

Actual Preferences

Most Accepting Character:  Dream Self, Musicians

Least Accepting Character:  New York City

Most Preferred Character:  Musicians, NYC

Most Rejected Character:  Dream Self

Most Preferred Action:  rich

Most Rejected Action:  two twins

Most Preferred Feeling:  interest

Most Rejected Feeling:  none

5 of 8

Sociogram Commentary


There are no conflicts here.  We see the emergence of new potentials.  Look for “3’s”, look for wealth, and look for musicians!  Preferences are very weak here.  Either disinterest or “like.”  There is no “liking a lot” or “love.”  There is no negative emotion.  This type of pattern may reflect either a lack of identification with the characters and the issue, or the lack of inner investment in the issue itself, or both.

The acceptance axis indicates that all dream group members are basically clustered and identified; they represent the same cluster of attitudes, perspective, worldview.   It is a pretty superficial worldview; the impression is that these people are basically getting together to glorify themselves through mutual association and to proclaim how wonderful it is to be known as successful and wealthy.

The form axis basically underscores the above.

The process axis may have a weak bipolar distribution between “not alive” and “rich.”  A cynic would say that there is nothing very alive about any of these characters.  It seems to be a pretty typical set of values:  “I will seek to immortalize myself by being famous and wealthy and thereby repress my fear of oblivion.”

Affect is weak.  There is no strong investment in this pattern by this dream group, but there are no countervailing voices, either.   The fact that it is unquestioned is pretty frightening.


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