21 Apr

The Cryptosylum: A Precognitive Dream of Death and Rebirth

Contamination 7/29/89 I am in the Soviet Union.  A group of Soviet workers are standing in front of an area with sinks or tubs.  They being told about the importance of washing their hands in the baths at least once a week to remove contaminants.  Is it some sort of light acid?  They are preparing to discard their workclothes, which they do once a month to cleanse themselves of contamination.  I am aware of the sacrifice of the workers who pay a...

02 Sep

Two Broken Zippers

  Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of coincidental, random, and highly unlikely events that are so meaningful that they seem to defy logic, rationality, and the laws of causation. Most approaches to synchronicity treat them much like dream symbols to be interpreted, generally in the manner that dream symbols are interpreted. Integral Deep Listening takes a similar approach, only the interpretation is done by the elements of the synchronicity themselves. The assumptions are several. First, since we provide the meaning to...

02 Sep

The Tao of Sloths

  Synchronicity occurs when two or more events things that are apparently unrelated occur together in a meaningful manner.  You are thinking about someone and the phone rings; it’s them. You are in Egypt. You see someone who reminds you of a friend from high school. At lunch in Cairo you run into her. Typically, when a synchronicity happens we ask, “Why does this happen?” “How did this happen?” “What does this coincidence mean?”  “Is it proof of telepathy?” Experience and...