Death in Flying Cars



Death in Flying Cars


I am watching planes overhead.  Are they flying cars with hitches to tie onto the space shuttle?  The space shuttle would fly them.    A boy has his family out for a ride in one of these cars.  He is doing acrobatics, crashes, and kills them all.

Preference Predictions

 Most Accepting Character:  Boy

Least Accepting Character: Flying Cars

Most Preferred Character: Space Shuttle

Most Rejected Character: Boy

Most Preferred Action:  flying

Most Rejected Action:  kills them

Most Preferred Feeling:  none

Most Rejected Feeling: horrible


Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self:  The space shuttle provides the power to take them on up into space.

Planes:  This boy has no business having control of so much power.  Somebody help me!

Flying Cars:  We’re super special cars.  We are abused and destroyed because this body lacks proper parental control.

Space Shuttle:  When is Dream Self going to start holding himself responsible for this horrible destructiveness?  He is way too passive and undisciplined in this area.

Comment:   In regard to this particular life issue I am still a boy.  I had not realized there was so much strong feeling toward the boy by the other dream group members.  It surprised me.

Dream Commentary

If you could change this dream in any way that you wanted, as long as it respected the rights of all fellow dream group members, how would you change it? 

Planes   We don’t need to be attached to the space shuttle.  If they go up, it should be in a commercial plane with experienced pilots.   If they want to go higher, they should start in the space shuttle.   Those planes aren’t made to go that high and the space shuttle is not made to hitch onto planes.

Flying Cars:  Ditto.

Space Shuttle: Ditto.

Boy:  Aw, that’s no fun.  It’s so exciting to fly.  Why can’t I control it?

Family:  Because you killed us all, you twerp!  Actually, we are also responsible for allowing you to take us up.  That was pretty stupid.   We agree with the Planes.

Dream Self:  Agreed.   But there is no consensus here;  a dreamage can’t be created.    Boy,.would you consent to an alternate activity?   How about leading your family cave exploring?  That’s not nearly so dangerous.


no agreement

Actual Preferences

Most Accepting Character:  Boy

Least Accepting Character:  Space Shuttle, Planes

Most Preferred Character:  Flying Cars, Planes, Space Shuttle

Most Rejected Character:  Boy

Most Preferred Action:  flying

Most Rejected Action:  crashes, kills them

Most Preferred Feeling:  none

Most Rejected Feeling:  horrible

7 of 8: This is an issue with which waking identity is highly identified.


Sociogram Commentary

A nightmare antithetical pattern.  Strongly non-integrated group elements.  Short and intense with progression from preferred to strongly rejected.

On the acceptance axis, it’s surprising that the family ends up having such a terrific degree of ambivalence.  All characters are ambivalent.  Dream Self is relatively passive and impotent.   There is also strong ambivalence toward the boy.   The family is especially torn between caring for the boy and planes and hatred of the destruction he causes.

On the form axis, the conflict is clearly between the boy and the Planes, but with the boy clearly having the power and control over the group.    Nurturing forces are neutralized.  I am tempted to reduce the conflict to libido vs. spirit, but that is an overstatement.

On the process axis, there are strongly rejected actions and feelings associated with this life issue. Rejected actions mirror rejected waking actions.  There is no waking comprehension of horror or grave fear.  Clearly, aspects of self, that waking identity is largely out of touch with, are being negatively affected.  Then why was I able to accurately predict preference patterns?  Perhaps I am aware of the issue but not of its consequences.  If I saw them like these group members do, perhaps I would change my behavior.  In this case, the clearest bridge to waking is through the pattern of action taken.

Flying is a behavior associated in a number of my dreams by dream group members with spiritual ascent.  Perhaps we are looking at an addictive perversion of spiritual ascent, done out of ignorance and quest for excitement.

On the affect axis, we find strong, unanimous hatred of “horrible.”

Regarding the life issue, I am still an immature boy.  I had not realized there was so much feeling toward the boy.  It surprised me.  Short and intense with progression from preferred to strongly rejected.  A very clear example of the benefits of creating a sociomatrix.    My hunch is the boy in the driver’s seat personifies impulsive sex.  The comment may be that masturbation destroys meditative attunement.   Of course, that could simply be my guilt talking.  I have a lot of non-acceptance and mixed feelings toward who I am in this life situation; also toward what I do, even thought I choose this identity and action pattern very concisely.  What you think and do is what you become.    A house divided will not stand.

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