Disfigured Woman


Disfigured Woman


I am looking at a woman’s face.  It is lying on its right cheek.  The side of the face that is down is disfigured grossly, turned into a monster.  The woman is afraid that her husband will leave her because of it.  She lives up in my old room on Tyler street in Little Rock.  At first there is a towel over her head.  She is upset and I promise that I won’t leave her.  She changes phones – from push-button to old-fashioned.  She calls to try to reach her husband.  At first she sounds horrible, then sounds sad and lonely, according to the man who took the call.  The husband leaves for a meeting for a week She becomes fearful that he has left her because of her looks.  She shows up behind curtains with a blowgun?  She scares all the guests.

Preference Predictions

Most Accepting Character:  Phones

Least Accepting Character: Disfigured Woman

Most Preferred Character: Phones

Most Rejected Character: Woman

Most Preferred Action:  commitment

Most Rejected Action:  disfigured

Most Preferred Feeling:  none

Most Rejected Feeling: scares


Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self:  I don’t like her living up in my old room.  She ought to keep something over her head.  I can see how her husband would want to leave her.

Woman’s Face:  Those guests are ignoring me.

Guests:  She certainly has an inappropriate way of attracting attention to herself. While remaining hidden.  We don’t like it.

Comment:   Horrible: sad & lonely: See Mountain Giant.  Husband: me.  Blowgun: voodoo.  Left out the husband!   This is a good example of how a careless choice of characters can leave out important data.

Action Plan

read over dreamage

Actual Preferences

Most Accepting Character:  Phones, Curtains

Least Accepting Character:  Dream Self

Most Preferred Character:  Dream Self, Old Phone

Most Rejected Character:  guests

Most Preferred Action:  covers head

Most Rejected Action:  disfigured

Most Preferred Feeling:  none

Most Rejected Feeling:  ugly

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Sociogram Commentary

Antithetical pattern.  Most characters seem to have very little concern about this pattern.  Low energy, low investment; confusion.  There is a central cluster of low energy elements with negative emotions providing the predominating force.  That energy works to create confusion, lack of energy, and apathy.

On the acceptance axis, Dream Self and guests are highly rejecting.  While the pattern is rejected, most of the dream group acquiesce through apathy and non-involvement.

This life issue seems to involve unacceptability: the threat to self-image that ugliness/disfigurement in a woman signifies.  It reflects on status and self-esteem in the world; it addresses my need to please others by being socially appropriate and to “look right” rather than to look beneath appearances and not waste my time being afraid of what other may or may not think.


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