My Dirty Shirt


My Dirty Shirt


I  in a bathroom standing at a urinal.  I drop a blue shirt on the floor.  I am displeased  because  I want to still use it.  It is too dirty though, with piss and grime.


Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self

Bathroom   What  does  he expect from a bathroom, anyway?  He could be more careful if he wants to keep that shirt clean.

Urinal  Look, I’m sorry  he  got  his  shirt  soiled.   It  could have been helped.  Our business is to get dirty.

Shirt Yaaack!   Why  did  he  have  to  drop  me  down here?  It’s filthy!   Doesn’t he care about me?  He cares enough about  how I look to not put me on until he cleans me.  That’s good.

Floor  What else does he expect????

Piss & Grime  We would just as soon stay on the floor.   we  don’t  need to  contaminate  this shirt, but since he’s thrown it to us, it’s our job.


I am in a small town at night.   I  become  aware  that  there  is a burglar inside  a store.  I begin to pray to myself for him, “Lord, help this young man to see and do your will.”  The local minister comes up, sits down beside me, and begins  to  pray  for  the  burglar too.  his parents, brothers, and sisters come and join us.  Finally, he  comes  out  looking very remorseful, ashamed, and crying.  We put him in the middle of our circle and hug him andtell him we love him.  We find him a job taking care  of  computer games and helping  kids.  He loves the work.  He becomes wealthy and builds  a  larger store for the town where he puts disadvantaged and troubled youth to work.


Sociogram Commentary

The victimized elements are not accepting the course of this life issue.

Again, the pattern is dissonance between behavior and attitude with some attitudinal conflict “Piss & Grime” vs. the rest of the dream group members.

Quite a bit of disinterest and apathy.

My Dirty Shirt '82

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