The IDL Statement of Intent



I am asleep, dreaming, sleepwalking,
lost in the drama of my life script,
stuck in the perceptual reality of my physical, mental, cultural and social filters.
I wake up as I ask, “Is this a dream?”
see everything as a wake-up call
reframe my cognitive distortions
and act on my priorities and those of my life compass today, moving me from delusion and mental fuzziness
to clarity and thence, to luminosity, cosmic humor and abundance.

I am addicted to the past and future,
to my feelings, thought and sense of self.
I move from anxiety, drama and depression
into the here and now
as I name the contents of my mind,
quit monkeying around in the five trees (thoughts, feelings, imagery, sensations and states), and become the seven octaves of the cycle of my breath,moving me from personalization to cosmic humor, abundance and luminosity.

I have lost my way.
I find and follow my life compass
as I amplify my inner peace
and remember, become and listen deeply to emerging potentials and act on their recommendations with triangulation today with respect, reciprocity, trustworthiness, and empathy, integrating my inner and outer worlds and
moving me from fear-based scarcity
to trust-based abundance, luminosity and cosmic humor.

This statement of intent is derived from three major sources: 1) often-repeated perspectives of interviewed emerging potentials, 2) Integral AQAL, and 3) psychotherapeutic principles distilled from over forty years of practice.

In addition to its use in the “I” affirmative form, it is repeated in a “You” discursive, as well as a “We” collective form. The purpose is to amplify its significance from three fundamental different perspectives.

I use it while doing yoga, prior to meditation, in the morning. Also while taking walks.

The significance of its different statements is elaborated in the above pictured text.

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