Using a Fear of Drowning to Wake Up


All of us have a basic choice: Do we want to stay stuck in our present, limited perspective or cultivate alternatives that create freedom? The amazing thing is how easy it is to access perspectives that are not only powerfully transformative, but practical and realistic.

Carla and her daughter joined us on our yearly visit to Bimini to snorkel in the Grand Bahama Banks with groups of wild dolphins. As we often find, Carla had a lifelong dream to swim with wild dolphins but also had a fear of the ocean. She associated this fear with the color black, and it congealed into the ocean itself.  This is what the ocean had to say to Carla:

“I’m a big ocean with many sea creatures in me. I’m full of life. I AM the life! I like that things live in me so that I give a place for others to live. When a storm comes I have to kill. There can be a catastrophe. I damage things. I am the heart and the full person of Carla. I don’t want to kill and I don’t want to do damage.”

“In confidence, I score myself a ten because I’m nature. I can’t die, nothing can hurt me because I’m everything. My feeling says I’m a ten in compassion but my mind says the ocean works after itself to recover – this is also nature. I am one hundred in wisdom! There is all the information from everything in my every molecule. I don’t think; I just AM! I’m a ten in acceptance and inner peace because I’m nature and this is my nature! My heart says my witnessing is quite high because I feel sad, but my mind says that when I am the ocean I don’t have a feeling like that.”

“If Carla scored the way I do she would have no fear because she would trust in the circle of life. She would be connected with her trust inside. She knows that the past is over and she is not guilty for what has happened in the past. She would feel more joy, and be more alive! I would advise her go live more from the heart and not so much work to be in control of things. To live! Not to feel responsible for everything! When there is love you cannot feel fear! To be! Express her feelings; stop thinking about the past! I have no fear. I am the ocean; her daughter Melissa likes me and plays in me. I would advise Carla not to fear; Melissa has her own life – don’t put your fears onto her (by assuming she should have fears of the ocean because you do)!

Regarding her guilt, it’s over! It’s done! There’s no need to make it twice! Put your focus on fun, on the good, not on the shit! There is no guilt! When a soul is ready, the circumstances are chosen by the soul to leave the body.”

“It would be helpful for Carla to become me when she is in unnecessary fear, fear that is not real.  She knows she has this inner trust, joy, and love. She is able to make a decision when the fear is coming up; she can realize her fears are old or unnecessary.”

“I was the subject of Carla’s fear. Now I am her helper!

Here is what Carla heard the ocean say to her:

“I heard I need to feel my trust, let go of the past, and feel the way the ocean feels. Be alive! The past is over! My fear is not Melissa’s fear. Don’t put your old fear into the present you and Melissa share. I am not guilty! Enjoy life! Love life!”

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