Finding and Following Your Life Compass


IDL is a way to get in touch with your life compass and align your goals with those priorities that life wants to express through you.

Your life compass is not the same as intuition, dharma, karma, “knowingness,” following your heart, fate, predestination.

It is disclosed by the world views and recommendations of dream characters and the personifications of those life issues that are important for you today. These world views and recommendations are disclosed by IDL Interviewing; together they disclose the priorities of your life compass. This allows you to align your own goals with those attempting to be born within you, reducing internal conflict and increasing both flow and your growth into greater awakening, clarity and lucidity, both awake and dreaming.

The way to get started is to do an IDL interview with a dream, nightmare or life issue.

Try it! It’s fun!

Here are the instructions:

  1. List three life issues.
  2. Decide whether you want to work on one of these directly or whether to work on all three via choosing any old dream or a nightmare. It could be a dream you think you understand, one that has repeated, a piece of garbage that you are sure is due to watching too many horror movies…It really doesn’t matter.
  3. Once you have decided, follow either the dream or life issue IDL Interviewing Protocol, found here.
  4. The secret is to become a chosen character, take the role and STAY IN ROLE! That means to answer spontaneously and quickly. If you think about what is being said you will get out of role!
  5. Write down the answers.
  6. Decide which recommendations make sense to you and test at least one of them by putting it to work in your life! That is how you test the method and decide if it is useful and trustworthy!

If you need help, email us at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com.

For more on what is your life compass, see “Are You In Touch With Your Life Compass?

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