A difference between IDL, Jungian analysis, and Perl’s Gestalt therapy

Jung argued that one could consider every person in the dream to represent an aspect of the dreamer, which he called the subjective approach to dreams. Fritz Perls presented his theory of dreams as part of the holistic nature of Gestalt therapy. Perls expanded Jung’s perspective to say that even inanimate objects in the dream … Read more

Why Does IDL Interviewing Work?

Why does IDL Interviewing work?  The above picture, of animals performing jazz, is on its surface, absurdist. It is an example of what Integral Deep Listening (IDL) calls “cosmic humor,” a way to get over ourselves and to move into lucidity and clarity. These animals represent the various images that we interview, either from dreams … Read more

A Brief Walk Through the Ladder of Development

Where are you on the ladder of personal development? How can you tell where other people, organizations, religions, nations and purported enlightened masters are in their level of development? If you don’t know what to look for you will either inflate or discount it. Here is a broad road map that provides you with the outline of what rungs of the ladder you have climbed, what lies ahead, and where you currently are.

Finding and Following Your Life Compass

IDL is a way to get in touch with your life compass and align your goals with those priorities that life wants to express through you. Your life compass is not the same as intuition, dharma, karma, “knowingness,” following your heart, fate, predestination. It is disclosed by the world views and recommendations of dream characters … Read more

What is Transpersonal Development?

We all want to get enlightened, but how? Development is like a spiral staircase, with multiple “floors” or landings where you can stop, relax, or stay for the rest of your life. But having a map of the entire process can help you see where you are and what the next step is in your movement to clarity and enlightenment and to lucidity, whether awake or dreaming.

Of Angels and Pie Pans

On the tyranny of our definitions of reality There is nothing wrong with this picture. It’s just a cherry pie, with or without the benefit of a pie pan, floating peacefully over a flock of sheep, perhaps radiating down angelic beneficence, or perhaps the UFO of alien invaders in a clever disguise, preparing to do … Read more

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