“Evolutionaries” endorse Clinton:


There is an amazing, fascinating and important schism occurring in the “Evolutionary,” “Integral” and “New Age” communities right now. It has come to a head by the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by a five-star line up of luminaries. Here’s the link:


and here’s the list of luminaries:

1.     Stephen Dinan, CEO, The Shift Network; author, Sacred America, Sacred World

2.     Devaa Haley Mitchell, co-founder, The Shift Network

3.     Marianne Williamson, author, Tears to Triumph

4.     Jack Canfield, author, The Success Principles

5.     Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author, The Millionth Circle

6.     Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

7.     Ram Dass, author, Be Here Now

8.     Chip Conley, hospitality entrepreneur, bestselling author ofPeak

9.     Jean Houston, author, The Possible Human

10.  Robert Thurman, author, The Essential Tibetan Buddhism

11.  John Robbins, author, Diet for a New America

12.  Jack Kornfield, author, A Path with Heart

13.  Michael Singer, author, The Untethered Soul

14.  Shiva Rea, founder, Global School for Living Yoga

15.  Larry Dossey, MD, Author, One Mind

16.  Marci Shimoff, author, Happy for No Reason

17.  Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness is an Inside Job

18.  Gay Hendricks, author, The Big Leap

19.  Kathlyn Hendricks, co-author, Conscious Loving Ever After

20.  Craig Hamilton, CEO, Evolving Wisdom

21.  Claire Zammit, founder, Feminine Power

22.  Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind Over Medicine

23.  Tami Simon, CEO, Sounds True

24.  Dr. Stanislav Grof, author, Beyond the Brain

25.  Deborah Rozman, CEO, HeartMath Inc., author, Heart Intelligence

26.  Howard Martin, co-author, The HeartMath Solution

27.  Rinaldo Brutoco, CEO, The ShangriLa Group

28.  Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs, spiritual leader, poet, global peace activist

29.  Rabbi David Ingber, founder and spiritual director, Romemu

30.  Donna Eden, author, Energy Medicine

31.  David Feinstein, co-author, The Energies of Love

32.  Michael Dowd, author, Thank God for Evolution

33.  Anodea Judith, author, Wheels of Life

34.  Gangaji, author, Hidden Treasure

35.  J. Manuel Herrera, Silicon Valley elected official

36.  Bo Rinaldi, visionary talent agent and angel investor

37.  Terry Patten, co-author, Integral Life Practice

38.  Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University

39.  Corinne McLaughlin, co-author, Spiritual Politics

40.  Gordon Davidson, co-author, Spiritual Politics

41.  Steve McIntosh, author, The Presence of the Infinite

42.  Carter Phipps, author, Evolutionaries

43.  Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution

44.  Dan Millman, author

45.  Cassandra Vieten, co-author, Living Deeply

46.  Azim Khamisa, author, peace activist

47.  Sadhvi Bhagawati, managing editor, Encyclopedia of Hinduism

48.  Olivia Hansen, president, Spiritual Life TV Channel

49.  Connie Buffalo, president, The Renaissance Project

50.  Sandra Ingerman, author, Soul Retrieval

51.  Patricia Albere, founder, Evolutionary Collective

52.  Derek Rydall, author, Emergence

53.  Jan Philips, author, The Art of Original Thinking

54.  Margaret Paul, author, Inner Bonding

55.  David Gershon, author, Social Change 2.0

56.  Derrick N. Ashong, Founder & CEO, Amp.it

57.  Dr. Nina Meyerhof, author, Pioneering Spiritual Activism

58.  Shelley Lefkoe, co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute

59.  DC Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs

60.  Lisa Schrader, author, Kama Sutra 52

61.  Kurt Johnson, author, The Coming Interspiritual Age

62.  Daniel Stone, principal, Making Change Real

63.  Lion Goodman, CEO, Luminary Leadership Institute

64.  Steve Bhaerman, author, Spontaneous Evolution

65.  Elisabet Sahtouris, Gaia’s Dance

66.  Marc Allen, president and publisher, New World Library, author

67.  H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum, global peacebuilder

68.  Dr. Sue Morter, founder, Morter Institute for BioEnergetics

69.  Carista Luminare, president, Luminary Leadership Institute

70.  Rev. angel Kyodo williams, author, Being Black

71.  Debra Poneman, founder, Yes to Succes Seminars

72.  Rev. Marcia L. Dyson, founder, Women’s Global Initiative

73.  Ken Page, author, Deeper Dating

74.  Dawson Church, author, The Genie in Your Genes

75.  Brian Burt, CEO, MaestroConference

76.  Avon Mattison, global peacebuiler

77.  Sera Beak, author, Red, Hot & Holy

78.  Dr. Effie Chow, Qigong Grandmaster

79.  Philip M. Hellmich, author, God and Conflict

80.  Scott Coady, founder, Institute for Embodied Wisdom

81.  Pete Bissonette, president, Learning Strategies

82.  Zen Cryar DeBrucke, author, Your Inner GPS

83.  David Nicol, author, Subtle Activism

84.  Saniel Bonder, Author, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

85.  Dr. Rick Levy, president, The Levy Center for Mind-Body Medicine

86.  Bill Kauth, author, A Circle of Men

87.  Rob Evans, author, The Collaboration Code series

88.  Carolyn Buck Luce, author, Reimagining Healthcare

89.  Lisa Garr, author, Becoming Aware, Host of the Aware Show

90.  George Cappannelli, CEO, AgeNation

91.  Raz Ingrasci, Chairman, Hoffman Institute International

92.  Jim Garrison, CEO, Ubiquity University

93.  Cynthia James, author, I Choose Me

94.  Noah Levine, author, Dharma Punx

95.  Mirabai Starr, author, Caravan of No Despair

96.  Rob Fisher, author, Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples

97.  Manuela Mischke-Reeds, author, 8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness

98.  Dawa Tarchin Phillips, author, CEO, Empowerment Holdings

99.  Stuart Davis, artist

100. Gayle Rose, CEO, EVS Corporation

In addition, it should be said that Al Gore and Noam Chompsky, both of whom I greatly admire, have given either a full or partial endorsement to Clinton.

Impressive, huh? One would have to be a totally degenerate nutcase to not vote for Hillary with all that combined wisdom and spirituality telling you it’s the thing to do, right?

Well, no. If you read their statement, it boils down to, “We know Hillary isn’t perfect, but we’ve got to vote for her or we will elect Trump. Vote for her because she is the lesser of two evils!”

How is that for a persuasive argument? Granted, there indeed may be good evidence that Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged the polls in at least two states (according to Stanford University) to deprive Bernie Sanders of the nomination and has broken international law by personally authorizing drone strikes as Secretary of State. We know she has “joked” about murdering Julius Assange. We know she laughed at the murder of a head of state that she endorsed. We know from Podesta’s emails that there has been a “pay to play” arrangement between access to Clinton at State and funding the Clinton Foundation. Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, says that the entire Clinton Foundation is an illegal scam. We know that the violation of governmental laws regarding classification and treatment of emails by Clinton is a Federal crime, for which she has not been prosecuted because Obama has put the FBI on a leash. We also know that the allegations that the Russians hacked the DNC are not backed by any proof or evidence, implying that it is a diversionary tactic to shift the public’s focus away from the multitude of disclosures of the criminality of Clinton and the DNC that she controls.

So the argument of voting for Clinton because she is the lesser of two evils begs the question, “Just what do you have to do to be evil enough, if you are running against a Republican, in this case Trump, to not be endorsed by these enlightened evolutionaries?”

I am hardly a Republican, and I am certainly not a Trump supporter. The binary thinking of Clinton supporters makes me wonder who is sane and who is not. A vote against criminality and corruption is a vote against criminality and corruption. It is not a vote for any other candidate. If you vote for a candidate that you know has committed criminal acts and is corrupt, how does that not make you a party to, as you have given your legal consent as a voter, whatever crimes that person commits in office? Are you really going to tell yourself, “Well, Hillary may have been corrupt and a criminal and a drone murderer in the past, but gee, once she’s in office I know she will be wonderful! Why can’t you see that? Where is your loving, trusting and forgiving heart?”

Progressives tend to vote based on civil rights, egalitarian and pluralistic issues: equal pay, gender rights, non-discrimination. But Clinton is an exceptionalist. See her article in Newsweek. She is more of an exceptionalist than Obama. How can one be an exceptionalist and stand for equality at the same time? You can’t. It’s one or the other. The reality is, if you broaden your focus to the world stage, Clinton isn’t for equality. She is for the killing of those who disagree with her version of American empire, which she justifies in the name of democracy, freedom and justice but which is really about the hollowing out of the economies of other countries in the service of American corporations. There is a vast literature and documented history of policy decisions made by Clinton that proves this.

If you read the non-Western world press you will find that Trump is viewed as far less of a threat to global stability and is considered, based on both candidate’s statements and Clinton’s actions and votes while in office, much less likely to trigger WWIII than is Clinton. That is not an argument to vote for Trump; it’s an argument for looking at this election from a global perspective, because WWIII not only kills everyone, it takes care of the problem of global warming and the importance of voting for the green energy candidate.

All of these “enlightened evolutionaries” have proclaimed, whether they intend it or not, by endorsing Clinton, their preference for continued governance of the US by oligarchs and plutocrats and the continued hollowing out of the United States, because they think they have no choice but to vote for Clinton. Clinton herself said, in at least one of her corporate speeches, that you have to have a public policy and a private policy – you have got to tell the public one thing while really intending to do another. She’s on record saying that she’s lying to you.

“Evolutionaries” have an excellent option to voting for either one of these reprobates. Jill Stein’s platform is not only rational, it is healthy. This is not the 2000 election; a vote for Stein – or Johnson, for that matter – is not like a vote for Nader; you do not rob a competent candidate of victory by voting for a third party candidate this time around. What you do is vote against two incompetent, corrupt and evil candidates.

How is this not obvious? How have these enlightened evolutionaries not destroyed their credibility and claims to represent spiritual anything?

Integral is very clear about this. To develop beyond the prepersonal, meaning a life based on faith and prerational belief, means to become a rational, logical individual who can tolerate ambiguity and entertain conflicting points of view. It sees love in terms of respect for universal laws, not American exceptionalism. These abilities, this world view is a prerequisite for anything transpersonal or trans-rational. You don’t get beyond prerational belief and faith if you don’t learn how to think things through logically, to question, to doubt your own beliefs, to not take things personally, and to extend your definition of freedom and love to everyone. A vote for Clinton fails on both counts: it is not a rational choice nor is it a loving one. It is the same type of capitulation to evil that caused the Supreme Court to elect Bush and that brought Hitler to power in Germany.

Please make the case for the evolutionaries; educate me. Explain to me why a vote for Clinton is either rational or loving. A lot of good, well-intentioned and highly educated people are doing the nation and the planet a vast disservice by endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. They would have been far wiser to not endorse anyone.


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