A Pre-Lucid Dream


Just as there are levels of lucidity, there are levels of waking up into lucidity itself.  Other characters in your dreams may be more awake, more lucid than you are, but you never know because you never ask them. 

I was in some sort of building where a lot of people were sleeping.  It might have been something like a hostel.  Then I was riding with someone – a woman? There were others in the car, I think.  She took it straight up the top of a tall building.  At the top I knew the car was too vertical to land on top of the building. Instead it arced over and was headed back toward the ground.  I was thinking, “Thanks for a great life,” when I woke up.

So Car, how do you feel about how this dream went?

Car: Terrible!

I suppose you would change it so that you didn’t get driven up the building.

Car: Definitely!

Well then, I guess I need to talk to the lady that was driving… Lady, why did you drive the car up the side of the building?

Lady: Why not?  It’s a dream, isn’t it?

So are you saying that in the dream you knew it was a dream and you weren’t afraid because you knew no one would die?

Lady: Yes!

So what do you think Joseph should have done about you driving the car up the side of the building?

Lady: Relax and enjoy the ride!  Instead of waking up he could have used it to go lucid, for instance!!!

Any recommendations about waking life?

Lady: Just the same:  Relax and enjoy the ride.  Don’t get stressed out or worried about anything.  Who you really are can’t die.  Use everything to help you wake up more!

Good advice.  OK.  Thank you, Lady!

From the point of view of this lady, rather than emphasizing dream lucidity per se, lucidity is about learning to wake up in whatever state we are in.  While our waking identity clearly differentiates between dreaming and waking states most of the time, that distinction seems less important to interviewed emerging potentials, such as dream characters.

What do you think?

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