Using an IDL Dream Interview to Wake Up

  The following interview of a priest was sent to me for comment. It could just as easily be an interview with a Rabbi, Imam, or any other True Believer. It is a good example of how Integral Deep Listening interviews of dreams generate waking lucidity, in this case regarding understanding  how we keep ourselves … Read more

A Pre-Lucid Dream

Lucidity is about learning to wake up in whatever state we are in. While our waking identity clearly differentiates between dreaming and waking states most of the time, that distinction seems less important to interviewed emerging potentials, such as dream characters.

Transformative Dream Lucidity

“The cut opened up more and more, each time I looked at it. I could see my flesh, my arteries and veins. My whole wrist opened up until I could look down at the bone. I then told myself that this was a dream. “I am dreaming this!”

The Universality of Deep Listening

The following dream is from a long-time friend of mine who knows my work, Integral Deep Listening, but has been neither a student or practitioner of it. In fact, we have in the past had heated debates and agreed to disagree. However, truth is truth, whatever you call it, and it belongs to no one. … Read more

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