Reconvening the Tumor Conference

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I would like to reconvene the Tumor Conference.  Do you have a question, Claudia?

Claudia: I would like to invite Stomach itself to the tumor conference because he is very important.  I always see you, Stomach, being sick and bringing what you have in you up again.  I want to ask the Stomach if there is anything we can do to support it.

So, go ahead and ask Stomach.

Stomach, I’ve heard you’ve been through some tough times lately.  Did you listen when we were having this Tumor Conference two days ago?


What did you think about what everyone said, especially Tumor and Spiral?

I am thankful that the Tumor apologizes.  I was happy to hear him say that he got carried away across all limits.  Tumor asks everyone involved to support it on its way to withdrawal.

Tumor, I hear that you are willing to draw back but you might have problems with the other cells that got carried away. Are the other cells ready to draw back or not?

Tumor: The ghosts that I called I cannot get rid of.

Can we invite the ghosts to the Tumor conference?


Ghosts: We are quite powerful!

What do you like best about yourselves?

We can do what we want!

What are your strengths?

We can multiply and leave disaster behind!

But the disaster that you are leaving behind is killing your host!  Isn’t that correct, Ghosts?

No, we were not aware of that, but we became aware of that when Joseph asked the Tumor in the last session. We want Susanne to live.

Aren’t you dead if you kill Susanne?

It’s not that we don’t care.  It’s that we didn’t know before.

What can we do for you guys to make you happier? Did you hear that Tumor would like to call you all back, to stop your activity?

Yes, we have heard that call and we want to listen.  Actually, we were just supposed to be wake up calls but we got carried away once we got started.

Can you stop or do you have so much inertia that you can’t?

Our inertia has been hit by Joseph’s remark that it is about our own life and our own continuation of life.

Are you parts of Susanne?


What parts of her do you most closely represent?

We are little wake up calls!

Do you think she’s heard your message now?

It took a long time, but she’s heard it now!

Perhaps we should have her tell you what she thinks your wake-up call is so that we can make sure that she has heard you, OK?


Which wake up calls did you get, Susanne?

Susanne: Like I said last time it’s about not just having compassion for everything around me and not just caring for everyone around me, but caring for myself too.  To give myself permission to have the rest, as well as about the communication that I have with Claudia and Joseph, and making space for myself.

Cells did you hear what Susanne said?


Did she hear your wakeup call?

Yes!  We also want to apologize to Susanne like Tumor has for the trouble we have caused.

Is it correct that you are in three places in the stomach?  The entrance, the back, and the exit?


What do you prefer?

That we get back to our previous condition, to retire.

How can we help you best do that?

First, we should make sure that this message gets passed around to all the cells, that the attack is over, that everyone is supposed to develop back into normal cells.

And how can that message best get back to all the other cells?

We want to thank you that you have invited us to this Tumor conference. We will exchange with the tumor, the Spiral, and the others involved.  Also withSusanne.

Have you been listening to what the cells said, Stomach?

I am relieved to hear what they said because I am pretty exhausted.  Exhausted by everything I have had to go through lately.

I would appreciate it if you would tell the cells what you just heard them say.

Hi cells.  I’m relieved that you want to draw back.  I’m grateful that we can go about this problem together.  I’m grateful to Claudia, Joseph, and Mirko and everyone involved who support me to get back to my old life, my old new life!

Claudia: Stomach, is it right that your task is to let good food in, mix it with enzymes and body chemistry to predigest it?


Is it right that you have no problems letting it in but you have problems letting it out?

I’m still in shock.

Is it from the operation or the knowledge of the tumor?

Susanne didn’t get my own wake-up calls before the surgery. She misunderstood them.  After this last attack, when she believed she had food poisoning I wouldn’t have known how to tell her more precisely.  From then on I never stopped ringing the bell.

Claudia: What would help you most, Stomach, if the cells draw back from where they are?

Both from my entrance and my exit.  I feel like an iron clothes closet.  I don’t feel like a muscle that can move.  I feel shocked and paralyzed.

Cells, what have you heard Stomach say?

That it is in a state of shock and feels like iron instead of like muscle.

What is Stomach wishing or needing, cells?

He wants us to draw back from the entrance and the exit and also from the back wall that makes it like glued on to the back of the spine.

Is that something you want to do, Cells?  I don’t want you to do it because Sarah or we want you to.

No no!  It’s because we want to live too.

Mirko: Cells, I am very thankful that you are thinking over your future.  It sounds like you want to change in some aspects.  You have a very thick core and you have some genes that are dividing quickly and growing.  What strategy do you want to choose to change?  Do you have an idea of the steps you need to take?

First, we are going to calm down and get rid of the intention to divide.  It’s not necessary now.  She has gotten the message.

When you have stopped dividing, you still exist.  You need a new existence.

We want to change into good cells.

Other cells can help you to do this?

Yes. We are thankful for all kinds of support.

Have you already received any support to change?  Has anything happened in Susanne that has helped any of you to change?

Talking with the three of you and the methadone, Claudia’s tea and other healing aids, Mark’s singing, all the love of all the friends and family, dancing to the tunes of Spiral’s support, being in nature and embraced by this beautiful tree (that shades the window).  Also the doctor here is very competent and a kind, sensible woman.

The doctors are thinking about poisoning the cells to help them to change.  Cells, would this support you to change or do you have a problem with this?

I think it’s better that we communicate with each other instead of getting poisoned. We are not fond of that idea.  It should be the last plan if there was a total failure of communication.  If there is anything to help us communicate to get the message around to stop dividing, like methadone, we much prefer that.   It’s talking to us and calming us down.

Are you getting enough?

Could be more.  We love the vitamin C from Claudia.  It’s a good combination.

Stomach, do you have confidence in this plan, that the cells will get the communication and stop dividing?

Sounds logical. If the cells do want to live then that would be the best solution for everybody involved.

Cells: We shall try and see.  What seems logical to us is that the poisoning will kill the communication.  The communication is important.

Thank you.  I would like to ask a couple other members of the members of the Tumor Conference their thoughts on what they have heard.  Maria and Erich, you are looking at this situation from a different perspective. What do you think about this discussion and what you have been hearing? Maria, what do you think of this plan?

Maria (Susanne’s mother): I am very pleased with their suggestions because I am a fan of communication.  I believe that communication and talking to each other is the basis of everything.

Erich, have you been listening to what has been said in this Tumor Conference today?

Erich: That’s what they should have done in my case too.  I don’t believe in poisoning with chemotherapy at this stage.

Claudia: Erich, I know you are someone who likes to verify things.  How is Susanne supposed to know that what the cells say is working? How is she going to see signs of that?  I would expect that she would have less problems keeping things in her stomach.  How do you see it?

Erich: I think exactly the same.

Stomach: As soon as I feel that I am out of this iron grip I will know that the cells are doing what they are saying. I would say that already during the Tumor Conference and between I feel that I am doing a little better.  I don’t have to throw out things as much.  It’s still Himalayan mountains away from being out of the iron grip.  But this toning that Mirko did this morning when both I, stomach, and Susanna were in pain, it was like a miracle the way we could react to this! (Mirko said he had made a tone with his mouth against Susanne’s hand, then against her stomach.)

Would it help you stomach to get out of your shock state if Mirko made this sound more often?


Erich, since you have died, have you been following Claudia’s career?

Claudia, I think you’re great!  I love you!  Joseph, I love you and I love that you make such good work to support your friend.  I am very thankful!

Mirko: Erich, what do you think?  How can Sarah put this wake-up call into practice?

Love each other!  Heal with love!

Would anyone else at this Tumor Conference like to say anything?

Susanne: I had such a good talk with my father yesterday, inspired from our last session. We were both very loving and caring for each other.  It felt so good!  He is no longer attacking me for being different from who he would have liked me to be, just loving and accepting me for who I am!  Also yesterday, Ellen, an old friend from Tubingen, was here.  Mirko was playing the singing ball and she was dancing a beautiful dance to the tune of the singing bowl!  Spiral and Susanne were dancing in their minds!  It was such a nice experience!  Good healing energy!

That is a good note to call this Tumor Conference to a conclusion.

Mirko: I thank you all for your willingness to communicate.

Is there time for communication?  How much time is required to get the word out to all the cells?  How much time is required for them to stop dividing?  How much time is required for them to turn into other cells?  There is a consensus on a plan, but is it a sound one?  Even if it is a sound one, is there time to put it into effect?  The doctors will likely view chemotherapy (i.e., cell poisoning) as palliative at this stage, but it is most likely all they have to offer.  It will further weaken Sarah, who cannot eat and who is recovering from major surgery.  Perhaps following the course of the Tumor Committee is the only possibility her body can tolerate, regardless of how likely or unlikely it may be to produce the desired results.

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