Health and Exercise

22 Jan

Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Chronic Pain Levels?

Here is another article about the therapeutic value of sleep from Jane Sandwood. Millions of Americans are living with severe or chronic pain everyday. In 2015, a Sleep in America poll found that as much as 36 percent of the population have had acute pain while 21 percent experience chronic pain. Those living with chronic pain can sometimes be severely limited in their everyday lives including their sleep. One in three Americans do not get enough sleep which can have many physical...

22 Dec

Sleeping To Improve Brain Function – Memory And Creativity

Jane Sandwood Improve your brain power by staying in bed! Sleep helps us to remember and reorganize our minds so we are more productive and ready to tackle the day. Research has found that the benefits on our brain, and on our bodies in general, is vital. The ability to utilize our brains for more than their daily functions expands whilst we sleep, with systems such as Integral Deep Listening (IDL) helping with everything from disorders and phobias to physical...

17 Feb

How the Drama Triangle in Your Dreams Affects Your Health

(From Dillard, J. Escaping the Drama Triangle in the Three Realms: Waking, Thinking and Dreaming.) You probably work hard during the day to eat right, exercise, maintain a positive attitude, treat others with respect, not react, and generally be a good person.  You can go to workshops and therapy, go to bed feeling good and still wake up feeling anxious and out of sorts. How come?

26 Oct

Overcoming Insomnia with IDL

About one in three people have insomnia. It becomes more likely as we get older, making it one of the most common of all health disturbances. Women are twice as likely as men to have insomnia and ninety percent of those who are depressed also report trouble sleeping. In the US about ten million people use prescription drugs to help them sleep. Insomnia makes one almost a third more likely to become overweight. It negatively affects mood, relationships, work productivity and...

15 Sep

Bulimia, Eating Disorders, Self-Criticism and IDL

When Carla, a young bulimic athlete did an IDL interview the sadness and anxiety she felt about her bulimia personified itself as a shark. How could listening to the perspective of an imaginary shark possibly help Carla get out of the repetitive, chronic drama that fueled her eating disorder? ...

03 Nov

Prostate Cancer Interview

Can miracles happen if we grow fully into confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing? No. But the quality of the life that creates itself through us can indeed feel miraculous. ...

14 Sep

Healing Yourself as Healing the Planet

Disease and death are our personal microcosmic reflection of the epic battle in the world between the forces of life and nature, on the one hand, and war, exploitation, and global warming on the other. This interview explores that relationship. ...