Talk at Caen, France, WWII Normandy Memorial

And now for something rather different! On the 14th of this month I will be leaving for Amsterdam where I will be spending three weeks aboard the three-masted schooner Regina Maris teaching conflict resolution and life skills to 34 bright Gymnasium students from all over Germany. I will be leaving the voyage at Tenerife, Canary … Read more

Interviewing Hitler

Claim all of who you are, good, bad, and ugly. Trust that the universe is big enough to accept and use all of you. That when you get “wake up calls” from your dreams or through IDL interviews, you not only awaken your strengths and potentials, but those parts of yourself that you fear and that you need to face to become whole.

Interviewing Crop Circles

“Made by human hands? A hoax? Look at the details of interwoven plants in the magnified views. And remember these appear quickly, and even working one night would entail massive talent and person-power, let alone the other, measurable factors like changes in the electromagntic field inside the formations, the “blown” hole at the base of each stalk that is associated with the bend, non-broken stalks, textures, etc., etc. Some, on occasion ARE hoaxes, and some good ones, but can you imagine what it takes to do these so often, too?”

Interviewing Christ Consciousness

Hugh Lynn Cayce, the influential and talented son of the psychic and father of holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce, believed and taught that the most important question anyone could ask themselves was, “What shall I do with Jesus?” The following interview is an example of what you can do to clarify and improve your relationship with this potent personal, spiritual, and cultural reality.

Interviewing Thomas Jefferson

There exists within all men a very powerful, effective, and useful emerging potential personified by Thomas Jefferson. His example can inspire us to do great deeds and to act with courage and virtue, in our own small ways, in our own limited spheres of influence, today.

Cultural, Historical, and Religious Dreams

Deep Listening to the Bhagavad Gita Interviewing Thomas Jefferson Interviewing Machiavelli Interviewing Crop Circles Interviewing the Tooth Fairy Interviewing Christ Consciousness A Global Nightmare: The Gulf Oil Spill Terrorists Strike America – An Example of Dream Sociometry A Global Nightmare: The Gulf Oil Spill Interviewing Hitler  

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