Contacting Your Life Compass

Would you like to contact your higher self?  How would your life be different if you were able to?  What if you could outgrow childhood scripts that taught you to always be doing instead of allowing yourself to feel good about simply being yourself?

What is a fundamental life issue that you are dealing with now in your life?

I would like to get more in contact with my higher self.  Everything else is all right. I would like to get more guidance from my higher self.

Higher Self, may I ask you some questions?


I assume you score tens in all six of the core qualities?

It doesn’t really fit to talk about tens in the  qualities for me! I’m off the scale in all of them! I see her problems and I see her issues. One of her issues is that she would like to be more in touch with me. I am always here, I am like the sun.  Sometimes she is in the shadow! I could also say that I’m the rain and she goes out of the rain.  I am energy here all the time.

How does she go out of the contact?

She is going out of the alignment.  She steps aside instead of bearing the contact.  She is experiencing it as heavy.  A higher energy than she can hand at the moment.

How would you handle that, Higher Energy?

Practice, practice, practice!  Stand there and feel it!  She always wants to do something.  It’s not a case of doing!

So Rebecca will just feel in the energy, sunlight, or rain now and not do anything?

Rebecca, why don’t you do that right now?

“It makes me feel like I should do something… When I feel this energy I think I am here to do something instead of just feeling it. My heart is beating like mad, just standing here in the rain!  It is hard for me to bear!   I would definitely normally start to do something right now!”

Higher Self, where and how did Rebecca learn to block you by doing?

When she was five.

So Rebecca, I’d like you to be three years old again and stand in that energy and tell us what that’s like.

“I’m standing in that energy.  My mother is coming and telling me that I should do something.  I should be useful.”

Higher self, what do you think about that?

That’s a pattern.  To be disturbed by her parent self that is always saying do something.  Don’t just be.

What’s that like for you, Higher Self, to not have had a parent to tell you to do instead of just be?

I don’t have that kind of issue at all .

What would you do if you were her?

Learn to bear this energy and to hold it.

Rebecca, would you be willing to practice a little bit?


Practice and tell us what you experience…

It’s like I feel all my cells in excitement!  It makes me feel kind of full!

If you felt this way all the time, how would your life be different?

I wouldn‘t be so addicted to doing things, to being so busy! It’s exciting to feel this!  It’s so fresh and warm and tall!

In this interview Rebecca learned a new way to access her higher self.  She also learned when and how she learned to block it and how she has become so addicted to “doing” that she is uncomfortable “being,” which is the state her Higher Self says it is in.  With this awareness Rebecca can begin to change that primal scripting to get out of her own way, and to move into a transformative way of experiencing life.

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