Negotiating with Cancer Cells

Can cancer cells be reasoned with?  We don’t know, but we do know that it is possible to reason with our mental representations of our cancer cells.  How much do our mental representations of things create our health and sickness?  Again, we do not know, but the following interview, the fifth in this series with Susanne, who is in the final segment of Stage IV stomach cancer, implies that we have a lot to learn from undertaking such a dialogue.

Today Susanne looked much thinner and weaker than when we last saw her, about five days ago.  The strength of her voice is diminished but she remains mentally sharp and is still in good spirits although her vomiting keeps her up most of the night.  She says that it is now difficult to tell the difference between waking and dreaming.

We reconvened our Tumor Conference with a question for Stomach:

Stomach, how are you doing?

I’m doing much better. Susanne has found a pretty good technique to calm herself and me down.  After throwing up, she takes three sips of liquid and says, “That’s enough now.  Stop it.”  95% of the time it works!

On the other hand, she is so sensitive to smells, like smoke, she is not sure whether it’s me or her that is sensitive.

So stomach, are you any closer to opening up and allowing food through?

Yes, I am.  And Susanne agrees.  Looking at the stomata bag, there is more solid stuff that is coming out.

What do you think, Mirko? (Mirko is Susanne’s very dedicated partner.)

Thank you, Stomach.  You’re not completely opening up, are you, Stomach?   Sarah got to know today that the burning in the throat and stomach that she connected with candida albicans in the Charite (the previous hospital, where she had her large intestine and ovaries removed).

Stomach, you said you were in shock and paralyzed after the surgery.  Does shock still play a role?  On a scale of 1 – 10, how much shock are you in now, stomach?

I was ten in shock, but if there is no stress then I am only four or five.   But if a nurse smells of perfume or garlic then I am a nine.  I am sensitive.  It’s not just Sarah.  I am very sensitive to all of these.

Stomach, are we talking to you or to Sarah’s mental representation of you or both?

It’s quite possible that Sarah’s mental representation of me is speaking a lot of the time.

Tumor, are we talking to you or to Susanne’s mental representation of you, or both?

You have been talking to me, not to Susanne’s mental representation.

Cancer cells, are we talking to you or to Susanne’s mental representation of you, or both?

We think it’s us that you’re talking to, but it’s strange.  But Susanne will come in between.

Cells, what percentage of you have heard the call and have stopped multiplying and what percentage of you are still dividing and growing?

A third of us have heeded the call to stop growing and change form.

We appreciate that, because we not want Susanne to live and get better. What’s keeping the other two thirds from hearing the call?

We are stuck!  We don’t really know how it works!  We have to watch the other cells to learn how to do it!  We don’t all have the same information.

Mike: I would like to invite the organism of Susanne, the entire system that keeps Susanne alive, to comment.

Organism: I love teamwork!

Mirko: How do you see the situation?  Is it easy, difficult, dangerous?

These are rather blond questions!  Of course the situation isn’t easy!!!

Mirko: Cells naturally are sometimes abnormal, but Organism, normally you can take care of those.  Two thirds of the cells that aren’t responding are lacking information or support to get out of survival mode.  What do you think, Organism, what do you suggest to bring them back to teamwork?

Continue with Claudia and Joseph and with you, of course, and with Claudia’s excellent therapy!

Mirko: And what about yourself?

And I, Organism, want to receive the support that I can get, because obviously I have been overwhelmed.

Claudia: You two-thirds that are watching the one third in awe that can stop dividing and remember all this information, what do you need?

Cells: We can see cells stop themselves from dividing. There’s so much going on. There are cells everywhere, moving about.  We can see cells that swim in a different direction, that seem to separate.  We think that they are clearing out, that they are being taken care of, disposed of.

Claudia: Are they being carried out through the lymph or the kidneys?

Cells: In the direction of the lymph system; perhaps also the kidneys.


Claudia: Stomach, it almost sounds like you were trying to get rid of some cells too.

Cells around the bottom of Susanne’s stomach, I would like to speak to you guys in particular.

Of course.

How many of you guys are listening to me right now?

Most of us.

Clearly it’s difficult for you to stop dividing, to change into normal cells, or to be eliminated because you’re still there since the last time we talked.

Yes, it’s difficult.

How come?

On the one hand, it seems to us like suicide.  On the other hand we are aware that we can’t survive.  So what choice do we have? To think in the short run or the long run?  It’s important that we manage the change in consciousness that is required.

Organism, would you like to say anything to these cells?

Cells, you originally were cells that built mucous membrane.  You don’t want to go on destroying Susanne and yourselves!

Organism, it seems that at the end of the stomach it sounds like a space needs to be made.  Is it sometimes good for these cells to commit suicide?

You can die but you can be reborn as good mucous membrane cells.

Organism, would you be willing to directly ask these cancer cells if they would be willing to die and be reborn as good mucous membrane cells for the greater good of the greatest number of all cells?

If I ask them all, I’ll be busy for a long time!

Can’t you turn on your public address system?  Isn’t that what your hormones and messenger enzymes are?

Yes.  They say they are willing to die.

Cells, is that true?

Yes.  We have definitely understood what this is about!

Is it all of the cells or just those at the bottom of the stomach that have heard Organism’s call?

Yes. We all got the call. We think that freeing the exit of the stomach is a priority.  We all need to commit suicide, to die for the greater good and come back in a new life as a normal mucous membrane cells.  We all need to decide who has to go and who can change back.

Claudia: Why is it so important that they go at the exit?

Stomach: Because then I can get out of this iron grip that controls me. When the physiotherapists do things to me I can feel the beginning of getting out of this iron grip.  The more I can move the better she can breathe and the less nausea she will feel.  Then her body can get back into the flow again.

Mirko:  I want to ask the tumor and the channel at the bottom of the stomach: Tumor, when you wanted to wake Sarah up that’s when the iron grip started, isn’t it?  Is that how you as a whole grew in the stomach?  When you formed this iron grip around her stomach was it important to you that the stomach exit was closed up so that you would get all the nutrition?  Why was it so important to you to block the exit?

Tumor: What Susanne can’t handle very well is throwing up. Even as a child she had problems throwing up while riding in cars.  During her pregnancy she did nothing but vomit. (I also had a tumor then, throwing up, not knowing I had a sarcoma…) Throwing up has been part of my history!  Tumor is trying to say this was the best way to wake her up because she dislikes it so much!) I thought when I made her throw up I would be able to wake her up.  That is the only reason I blocked the exist.

Tumor, do you feel your wake-up call has really been heard?

Of course!  No doubt!

Cells at the exit of the stomach, you would be doing a wonderful, great act that would never be forgotten if you would go now.  You have fulfilled your task!

Organism, would you please tell all cancer cells congratulations, that they have done their job of waking Susanne up, and that they are to stop immediately and go away?

Organism: As I can see, you have really done a proper job!  I thank you, and Susanne thanks you for doing such a good job.  All the friends and supporters of Sarah can see what an excellent job you have done.  All that are listening, please pass the message along to all other cells. On and on and on.  If you need support, please turn to the Spiral, who will definitely be of value to you, turn to her tune, to her rhythm.  Or you can turn to me and together we will find the way that is right individually for every one of you.

Mirko:  Organism, do you realize that you have different sorts of cells inside you and that all have longer and shorter life cycles? That you don’t have to feel bad about going or stopping dividing, realizing that you have done your job?  Your life cycle can be shorter than the life cycle of Sarah’s entire organism?

Organism: I realize that, but I appreciate that some cells are willing to die now.

Yes, that’s why your cells have this little button where they are willing and able to self-destruct.

Organism, you are asking nicely.  You are very patient.  But you are really in charge of all they systems in Susanne’s body, aren’t you?  Isn’t that your job?  Is there some point at which it is appropriate for you to issue commands?  For you to say, STOP!

Yes, there are situations like that.

Is this one of them?

I don’t see any necessity for ordering because I have been heard by my cells and they have said that they are willing to listen and that they will do what I am asking for.  If the situation were different, I would be willing to order.

Mirko: Do you have other cells that can help the cells that do not know how to stop dividing?

Yes.  The macrophages that eat cell debris!  They need more support!

Is it right cells, that you will watch what the other cells are doing as they stop dividing and are eliminated?


Cells, you are basically asking us to trust you.  Is that correct?


Is there a date or condition by which you cells believe that a command should be issued by organism?


Cells, how much time do you think that you need to be given before a command is issued?

One week.

Cells, I appreciate your willingness to listen and also to realize that you may do your best and your best may not be good enough and a command might need to be issued. That’s why there is an organism and it has hormones and protein enzymes as command messenger cells.

Claudia: I have a question for all the other healthy cells that are having to work so hard now.  All these tumor cells are producing waste.  Are you all able to handle the load?


We want to thank all members of the Tumor Conference!

You are welcome!

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